Salon Spotlight: Nikki Latty Hair In New Rochelle, NY

Salon Spotlight: Nikki Latty Hair In New Rochelle, NY

28 December 2018
salon spotlight nikki latty hair

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

28 December 2018

Nikki Latty is the punchline to an obvious joke about hair stylists. After years of listening to her clients’ hopes, dreams, and frustrations as she coiffed their hair, she became a therapist. Today, Latty is back in her own salon for a career she just can’t quit, finding a middle ground between artistic expression and emotional catharsis.

To learn more about what Nikki Latty Hair has to offer, read on. If you have curls or coils, you’re going to want to ring her up.


nikki latty

The Location

Latty first started styling hair professionally at age 19, more than 25 years ago. The Westchester native has moved herself (and her salon) around the country but ultimately couldn’t resist the pull of New York. Now, she’s settled her business in a customizable salon suite in New Rochelle.

Like many hair professionals in independent businesses, Latty uses a booking system to ensure her clients can reserve her time without fuss. To schedule an appointment at Nikki Latty Hair, you’ll have to use a third-party program called StyleSeat.

“StyleSeat is the online booking platform that I use and clients can go on and see my pricing,” Latty explains. “They can view a list of my services and description of services and then also book their appointments.”

Transparency and authenticity are two of Latty’s defining traits—and both have made her successful in her dual careers. While styling hair is an integral part of who she is, the shifting hours and physical labor weren’t always doable as a younger woman trying to raise a family.

“Being a woman and a mom, sometimes I had that thought back then that I [needed] a little more structure in my schedule,” she explains. “It’s great to have another career to fall back on, but hair has always just been my passion. I just reached that point in life where I just felt like I wanted to immerse myself in everything I truly love, so I went back to hair.”

While Latty’s salon isn’t the marble-capped hall of mirrors many salons have become, it’s something altogether more precious: a safe space. In the stylist's chair, countless women have unburdened themselves of decades of frustration with their hair. Her diverse client base often includes women coming in for the “big chop,” cutting away chemically straightened hair to try and learn to love their own texture.

When the inches fall away, so do the boundaries. In many cases, Latty’s clients have never really seen their own texture—let alone had to style it for work. It’s a good thing they’re in the hands of a trained therapist.

“I think it’s an emotional thing a lot of times and I have posted about this a lot, but you have to be ready to really work with yourself,” the stylist explains. “It’s easy to put on a wig or wear some braids, and you get up and go.”

Latty’s clients are often in for an emotional roller coaster, but it’s one that forms lasting bonds between stylist and guest.


nikki latty

The Products

At Latty’s salon, you’ll notice Mizani’s products and branding front and center. Latty became a platform artist for the brand in 2014, shortly after rejoining the world of hair.

“One of my goals was to be a platform artist and at that same time I auditioned for Mizani and made the team,” she explains.

Today, Latty recommends the brand’s texturizing products to all her clients. She’s been a fan of the brand since its launch and is continually impressed with the ethos behind the line.

She explains:

“I think there’s something in it for everyone and, especially now with the textured hair market boom, there is definitely a huge market for the whole product line...There’s something for every texture type.”

Should you go in for an appointment, rest assured you’ll leave with an arsenal of Mizani products designed to ease your transition into styling your natural texture.


nikki latty

The Services

Latty offers a range of services at her salon, most aimed at the diverse clientele she serves. A women’s signature cut with shaping starts at $70, as is a style and finish. For a signature cut and style with finishing, expect to pay upwards of $140.

The services don’t stop at basic cuts, either. Silk presses ($70+), round brush blowouts ($45+), relaxer and finishing ($100+), and hair color ($70+) are all available. Latty also does on-site event styling starting at $200 a session.

Hair in need of extra care? Look into a Mizani Bond Phorce fortifying treatment ($10), Moroccan Clay Steam Mask application ($25), or Strength Fusion treatment ($25).

The Details

Nikki Latty Hair is located at 55 Webster Ave, New Rochelle, NY. To book an appointment, call 404-803-6035 or

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