Get Steve Harrington's Hair From Stranger Things For Halloween

Get Steve Harrington's Hair From Stranger Things For Halloween

19 October 2018
stranger things steve harrington hair

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

19 October 2018

If you’ve ever binge-watched a certain popular paranormal TV show about '80s kids in a small town, you know there’s one unconventional star that stands out: Steve Harrington’s hair. The voluminous 1980s bouffant steals almost every scene, leaving the audience (and the other characters on the show) wondering how he achieves it. Rumor has it that quite a bit of hairspray goes into that dark brown hair.

Luckily, we got the inside scoop on Steve’s hair when Baxter of California partner Matthew Collins styled actor Joe Keery for the red carpet. On September 17, Collins created Keery’s signature height and body before he walked the prestigious red carpet.

stranger things steve harrington hair

All great styles start with clean, wet hair. On Keery’s Collins spritzed on the brand’s Clay Effect Style Spray, lightly blow drying it into the hair before starting in with a round brush. Using the oversize tool, he brushed Keery’s hair straight back from the hairline to help create that trademark height. He then finished drying the rest of the hair, using his fingers instead of a brush.

To achieve that no-part look at home, Collins recommends pointing the airflow straight across the hairline.

For no part, blow-dry not in one direction, but back and forth, so the hair will go where you want it to go and it breaks any natural direction.


Once the hair was totally dry, Collins added Baxter of California Grooming Cream and Clay Pomade for extra hold and the look of separation. When in doubt, he used his fingers to ensure the best possible finish.

While not everyone has a stylist, it’s possible to achieve Keery’s look on your own. According to Collins, it’s all about using the correct products.

stranger things steve harrington hair

“Most men make the mistake of the wrong product or not enough product,” he says. “With thick hair, you need tons of moisture and cream to control the look—then follow it with something with hold.”

If you want to create volume, it’s crucial to make sure the hair sets correctly. To ensure Keery’s looked just right, Collins placed clips throughout it until it was totally set. This not only accomplishes a hair styling goal but inevitably creates some pretty hilarious photo opportunities. The good news is that Keery appears to have an excellent sense of humor.

Interestingly, Collins emphasizes that it’s not just men who can benefit from a few Steve Harrington styling tips. His chic mullet style and tips work on women with long bobs, too.

For more information about getting a Steve Harrington-inspired style, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist or barber near you.

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