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These Are The Hair Tips People Actually Follow, According To Reddit

photo of Jessie Amato
18 April 2019
reddit hair care advice
photo of Jessie Amato

Jessie Amato

Junior Beauty Editor

18 April 2019

If you’ve ever fallen down an internet search rabbit hole, you’ve probably landed on Reddit once or twice. Whether you’re looking for television show fan theories, recipes, or photos of your favorite celebrities, the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet” is home to all the content you can possibly imagine. Recently, we discovered that Reddit is also a popular hub for users to share hair advice.

While we don’t usually suggest taking hair advice from strangers on the internet, a bit of research led us to 9 of the best hair tips found on Reddit. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to care for ash blonde hair or how much to tip your stylist, you’re going to want to keep scrolling.


The Best Hair Tips On Reddit

Tip your stylist 15 to 20 percent of your service

Even if you’ve been hitting the salon for years, there’s still so much confusion about how much you should tip your stylist.

“The general consensus though is to start the tip at 15 percent for most salon services. Some say start at 20 percent. I personally start at 20 and go up depending on how much I like the final look and how much time my stylist has spent on my head.” - Em-M 

Inspiration pictures will be your lifesaver.

Ask any stylist and they’ll tell you a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether you’re headed to the salon for a cut or a color service, this stylist took to Reddit to offer her top piece of advice.

“Bring in pictures! I ask all of my clients to bring me every inspo pic. Then I find out what specifically they are loving about each picture. I’m visual just like all hairstylists and pictures are great references.” - feefifoari

Alternate your curls for effortless waves.

Looking to achieve effortless beachy waves? Grab a curling iron or wand and be sure to follow this Redditor’s method.

“Alternate every section so the frontmost pieces are rolled away from the face, the next section behind that towards the face, then away from the face and so on.” - speyonce 


Wrapping your hair in a silk pillowcase is the best way to make your curls last.

Curly girls know the struggle of trying to keep your precious ringlets from losing shape and volume while you sleep. If loose buns, braids, and headwraps don’t do the trick, this Reddit user shares her overnight curl maintenance hack: wrapping her strands in a silk pillowcase.

“It helps me keep the volume at my roots and doesn’t squish my curls as much because the ends are much more loosely contained than in the cap. Bonus: It keeps my bangs off my forehead, so less forehead acne! I do this for three or four nights before refreshing.” - Unholy-Guacamole 


Just get the bangs!

To get bangs or to not get bangs—this is the age-old question so many women ask when searching for a new style. According to this Reddit user, opting for fringe is never a bad idea!

“My friends told me bangs would look terrible on me. I feel like I’ve leveled up.” - clamsaucee 


Get an undercut haircut to keep you cool and tangle-free during the summer.

If you’re searching for an edgy hairstyle to get you through the scorching summer months, why not try an undercut?

“It sounds drastic, but it honestly changed my life in terms of finally feeling a breeze on my neck and not having tangled knots in the back of my head” - tanhathaway 


A shaggy haircut is the best way to wear your natural texture.

The key to easily showing off your natural texture? Layers, layers, and more layers!

“I love showing people how to wear their natural texture without all the fuss...shags are lovely for that.” - horsefeathertickle

Looking for shag haircut ideas? Between modern mullets, layered mushroom hairstyles, and lengthy shag cuts, there’s no shortage of haircut inspiration in 2019.


Purple shampoo can help brighten naturally blonde hair.

When it comes to at-home color care for blondes, purple shampoo is a must-have. While we already know the product is essential for bottle blondes, it can also help natural blondes. 

“I just started using it on my very light natural hair. It doesn’t lighten it more but it brightens it.” - Commececommeca18

Inspired to add a purple shampoo to your hair care routine? We love the Redken Color Extend Blondage Color-Depositing Shampoo. This purple shampoo has ultra violet pigment and Triple Acid Protein complex to tone, strengthen and brighten all in one for a brighter, stronger blonde when used as a system with the Color Extend Blondage Conditioner. 


If you have super long hair, opt for a milkmaid braid for a professional look.

As much as we adore super long hair, we’ll be the first to admit we don’t know what to do with our strands once they hit a certain length. If you’re searching for the perfect casual hairstyle for long hair, look no further than a milkmaid braid. 

“One of my favorite hairstyles for more casual days at work is a milkmaid or halo braid. Once your hair is past mid-back, you can usually just do a side braid and then pin it across your head. It doesn't take long and if it is contained (no hair sticking out), it looks professional.” - RosewaterPen

With these Redditor’s advice, you’ll be able to take your hair care routine to the next level!

Interested in more hair care tips? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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