Pureology Introduces All-Female Artistic Director Team

Pureology Just Made This All-Female Stylist Squad Artistic Directors

Jelani Addams Rosa
01 April 2019
Pureology Artistic Directors
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

01 April 2019

Hair is big business. From cut and color to styling and products, there isn’t one part of the hair industry that isn’t backed by major brands. Even though it’s 2019 and we’ve come a long way from the male-dominated board rooms of yesteryear, it can still be hard to find female representation in important positions at global companies. Which is why we were so excited to hear the latest news from Pureology. The brand selected a team of four phenomenal women to serve as the hair care company’s new Artistic Director Team.

If you’re no stranger to Hair.com, chances are good you’ve heard these names before. However, we feel like, given the circumstances of this incredible promotion, these extraordinary women deserve to be reintroduced. Meet Pureology’s new Artistic Director Team: Emily Alders, Jamie Wiley, Ashley Hofstrand, and Michelle Patton,

All four women were selected from Pureology’s Pure Artist Team, so they’re extremely well-versed on everything there is to know about Pureology’s amazing color-protecting hair products.

“With this new Artistic Director Team, Pureology is entering an exciting new chapter,” says Candy Gebhart, Pureology’s general manager. “The four artistic directors and their collective experience, along with the Pure Artist Network across the U.S., have incredible passion for their craft and for our brand. Together we will help Pureology salons expand their businesses and their artistry in many exciting new ways.”

Think one of these extraordinary women may be your new hair guru? We do too. Continue reading to learn about the women who are about to change the game.

Emily Alders @emily.alders

Alders is known for her outstanding skills in finishing and braiding, but the in-demand stylist who often collaborates with blogs and beauty magazines is knowledgable about much more than styling hair.

“My unique asset is my understanding of how important retail is to our industry,” she says. “It is a driving factor of our businesses and creates immediate income growth for stylists. It is the silent force of education and that is what helps stylists excel and propel the professionalism of this industry.”

Jamie Wiley @jamiewileyhair

As a retired Army veteran and published author, Wiley can do it all—literally. The stylist has racked up an impressive amount of awards and accolades over the course of her career, but she is most looking forward to the opportunity to speak directly to women about a topic she is so passionate about.
As a woman, I know firsthand what the experience feels like as a client and also to be the hairdresser behind the chair. So I’m proud to be a part of a woman-led leadership team...It’s not common in the industry. This platform allows me to educate and speak woman to woman.

Ashley Hofstrand @ashleyhoffy

Hofstrand is known for her leadership and mentoring abilities and she can’t wait to use everything she’s learned over the years to continue to educate the stylists of the future. 

“I’ve been mentored by amazing women who have paved the way and surround myself with strong personalities that aren’t afraid to speak our truth into this industry,” she says. “I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of this incredible group of colleagues I get to work with and I know this is only the beginning of something magical.”

Michelle Patton @michelleleep

As a self-proclaimed “hair nerd” Patton works overtime to ensure her clients and fellow stylists have access to the hair education they all need and deserve.

I believe that through the passion for our craft and love for our brand, I can help break down the barriers of intimidating education. That having a strong devotion for building up the women of our industry, I will continue to aspire to inspire by blazing the trails for them to achieve everything they choose to accomplish in their careers and their lives overall.

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