Meet The First Ever Mizani Texture Squad Pros |

Meet Mizani’s First Ever Texture Squad Pros

Jelani Addams Rosa
28 September 2018
Mizani Texture Squad Pros
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

28 September 2018

Over the last nearly three decades, Mizani has earned its reputation as the go-to professional brand for textured hair. This year, Mizani is taking their brand to yet another level. After years of partnering with hair stylists and colorists in the business, Mizani has curated its own team of professionals. This elite team is called the Texture Squad pros.

The diverse group of hair care professionals includes celebrity stylists, color experts, salon owners, and editorial contributors. As the fashion and beauty industry continues to become more inclusive, Mizani recognizes the need to give a platform to prominent hair care professionals that specialize in all hair textures. Each of the Texture Squad pro ambassadors has been hand picked by Mizani because of their versatile styling skills and expert textured hair know-how. Continue reading to meet your official textured hair gurus and give them a social media follow.

Marcia Hamilton

Marcia Hamilton


Marcia Hamilton’s name may not ring a bell, but you’ve definitely seen her work. Hamilton has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, styling celebrities for red carpets, editorial shoots, TV shows, and movies.

Leysa Carillo

Leysa Carillo


Leysa Carillo is proud of her curls and thinks everyone should love their hair just the way it is.

“I want more people to love themselves exactly how they are,” she says. “I just love texture and I think that we should embrace what we have.”

While she encourages people to embrace their natural textures, she loves to play around with hair color. Carillo is known for her seamless blonde and vibrant color application on curls.

Pekela Riley

Pekela Riley


From owning her Salon PK and styling celebrity clients to hosting her own radio show and educating fellow stylists, there’s literally nothing Pekela Riley can’t do. However, it isn’t the accolades that make her excited to do her job (and trust us, there are many), it’s the chance to connect with her clients that wakes up her every morning.

“I think that people can tell when you’re being genuine and so much of hair is that connection,” she says. “You have to feel comfortable to have that.”

David Thompson

David Thompson


For David Thompson, it wasn’t a matter of if he was going to become a hairstylist but when.

“I grew up in a family that was full of hair stylists, so I always was inspired by the art of hair,” he explains.

Thompson’s ability to stay ahead of the trends has made him a notable stylist in the industry, but it’s his stunning styles and impeccable wig designs that keep his customers coming back for more.

Peter Mazilu

Peter Mazilu


Peter Mazilu first became enamored with styling hair after spending his adolescence playing with his sister's doll’s hair. As an adult, Mazilu decided to turn his childhood hobby into a full-blown career. Now, Mazilu spends his days creating dazzling hairstyles for some of your favorite social media influencers.

Deycke Heidorn

Deycke Heidorn


Often inspired by fine art and haute couture, Deycke Heidorn is known for her visually stunning editorial creations. At her core, however, Heidorn loves nothing more than helping her clients achieve healthy strands.

“I really enjoy being a hairstylist. It’s a dream career,” she says.

Rachel Redd

Rachel Redd


Rachel Redd knows what the people want and she’s ready to give it to them.

“From faux locs to braids to curls to crimps—everyone wants texture,” she says.

That’s fine by Redd, because she thinks the world would be a pretty boring place without it.

Interested in an appointment with a Mizani Texture Squad pro? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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