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Matrix Just Made It Easy To Find A Reliable Salon For Colorful Hair

26 September 2018
matrix socolor cult fragship salon

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

26 September 2018

Coloring your hair is a major life decision, so it’s important to feel like your hair is in experienced hands. That’s doubly important if you’re in the market for something trendy—a neon yellow or grey balayage, for example. Reading online reviews and following friends’ word-of-mouth recommendations can only get you so far. When it’s a hair emergency, we turn to the cult—the SoColor Cult, that is.

Born as a movement under the Matrix brand umbrella, SoColor Cult celebrates individuality and a commitment to vibrant color. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill strip mall blonde, but rather unique and gorgeous color that amplifies your personality.

On September 18, the brand celebrated its newly launched Matrix SoColor Cult Flagship salons at businesses across the country. The New York City event was hosted by brand partners Rickey Zito and Philip Wolff, a duo known for their experimental techniques and commitment to a modern punk aesthetic.

matrix socolor cult flagship salons

According to Zito, the “flagship” title is a whole lot more than just a fancy label.

You’re dealing with someone who’s getting it and knowing the knowledge behind the product.


Wolff agrees, saying SoColor Cult helps unify stylists and ensure the client gets the best result.

If you are going to a place that is part of this type of culture, number one, you’re dealing with a salon environment that is very much a team.


As any hair stylist will tell you, the skill level and training of the artist matters just as much as the hair color you choose. If you envision perfect neon pink hair, you should leave the salon with it. You just have to make sure you go to someone who has the training and the time to make your hair look perfect.

Besides YGallery, the launch party location in SoHo, Matrix has named 15 other salons across the country. Amici Bella Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA), Jessica Warburton (Woodland Hills, CA), Studio Prominiece (Edmonds, WA), KoKuro Salon (Castle Rock, CO), Clementine’s (Aurora, CO), Anasa Salon (Parkridge, IL), Signatures Salon & Day Spa (Altoona, IA), Wild Hare (Marengo,IL), Valenti-Urban Salon (Cincinnati, OH), Studio XEL (Richfield, OH), Tarra Dean Studio (Onsent, MA), Forbici Salon (Norwell, MA), Salon Black (Sewell, NJ), Primp N Tease (Elizabethon, TN), and Junior & Hatter (Miami, FL) were all named part of the Matrix SoColor Flagship salon program.

matrix socolor cult flagship salons

Other than getting a title, salon participants in the program will be able to try new merchandising, introduce new products, and bring the cult brand experience to life. The salons will feature SoColor Cult, Matrix’s vibrant hair color line that’s available in an extensive range of shades.

Stylists like Wolff and Zito think bright hair color isn’t going anywhere. In fact, they predict that we’ve just seen the tip of the color iceberg.

“Now [customers are] seeing that it can be classy and it can be really really attractive at the end of the day,” Zito explains. “All of the stylists across the country are starting to get better and be more educated in it so that’s what spread consumers as far as it looks better.”

Wolff echoes Zito’s sentiments, adding that Matrix caters to customers at every comfort level with unconventional shades.

“We have a semi-permanent direct dye, demi-permanent, and permanent options,” he says. “This covers pretty much every spectrum, so if you want super neon bright and make a huge statement—great! If you want to just get a little bit, a taste of it—great! If you don’t want to bleach your hair all the time but still get that really cool rich tone, we got the permanent.”

Interested in trying a vibrant hue of your own? Now is the time.

For customized advice about trying Matrix SoColor Cult or visiting a flagship salon, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you. Photography by Kensey Jean.

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