Get The Look: Brie Larson's Sleek Avengers: Infinity War Blowout

You Have To Try Brie Larson's Super Sleek Avengers: Infinity War Blowout

Jelani Addams Rosa
26 April 2018
photo of woman with blonde hair and blowout hairstyle
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

26 April 2018

On Tuesday, April 24, celebrities and stars of the newly released blockbuster film “Avengers: Infinity War” hit the red carpet in Los Angeles for the premiere. From Captain America to Black Widow, everyone looking absolutely stunning in their red carpet best. However, no one looked quite as breathtaking as actress Brie Larson.

Larson looked sensational in her white spaghetti strap dress and chic blowout. The Oscar winner—already known for her captivating and dramatic roles—makes her (spoiler alert!)* franchise debut in the film as Captain Marvel. This is the first time Larson has suited up as a superhero, but it won’t be the last. A self-titled movie starring Larson’s character is currently filming and is slated to hit theaters next year.

Larson is known for her easy going yet refined style and this chic blowout is right up her alley. As much as we love an intricate updo, we appreciate it when celebrities hit the red carpet wearing styles that look just as appropriate at the office or on a first date. We could not get enough of Brie Larson’s “Infinity War” blowout, so we reached out to Sarah Potempa, celebrity stylist and inventor of the BeachWaver curling iron, to get the scoop on exactly how she created Larson’s elegant and modern hairstyle.

“This look is chic, elegant and represents modern Hollywood glam! It’s gorgeous and can be easily re-created with these simple steps, the right products, and the right tools,” Potempa says.

To recreate Larson’s blowout at home, all you need is Matrix’s Volume Builder Mousse, Biolage R.A.W. Smoothing Styling Milk, Style Fixer Finishing Hairspray, a boar bristle brush, a comb, and a blow dryer. To begin, add a dime size amount of the Volume Builder Mousse and evenly distribute it through your locks. The mousse will give your roots lightweight body and volume. Then, loosely blow dry your strands until they’re about 80 percent dry.

Next, use a fine tooth comb to create a clean side part and add the Biolage R.A.W. Smoothing Styling Milk to the ends of your hair. Formulated with oats and honey, the styling milk helps to ease the grip of the blow dry while enhancing hair with nourished style. Using a boar bristle brush, blow dry your hair in a downward motion.

Flat iron your strands for an ultra-sleek finish. Begin at the back of your head, working with 2-inch sections of hair. Slowly pass over each section of hair with your flatiron, followed by a comb. To complete your look, spray your brush with Matrix Style Finisher Hairspray and brush it through your strands to evenly distribute the product.

Pro tip: Potempa has a seriously clever trick to make sure flyaways don’t ruin your style and all you need is your hairspray can! “Spritz any flyaways and roll the can over your flyaways to lock them down,” the stylist says.

Whether you’re walking the red carpet or dressing up for a girls night out, this chic blowout will look perfect no matter the occasion.

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