One To Watch: Lauren Sill, Kérastase Artist |

One To Watch: Lauren Sill, Kérastase Artist

photo of Jessie Amato
28 February 2019
one to watch lauren sill
photo of Jessie Amato

Jessie Amato

Junior Beauty Editor

28 February 2019

If there was ever a poster child for well-rounded stylists, Lauren Sill would be it. The stylist has been working on her craft for over 10 years—becoming one of the industry’s top colorists as well as a master stylists, and a sought-after educator.

We spoke to Sill about her hair journey, where her true passion lies, and her top piece of advice to share with fellow stylists. Whether you’re interested in ash blonde hair or a short haircut, keep scrolling for everything you ever wanted to know about the Kérastase artist.


one to watch lauren sill

Her Background

Sill fell in love with hair at a very young age and even remembers charging her middle and high school classmates for hair braiding. Unlike many stylists, her rise to success as a stylist didn’t begin in her youth. After graduating high school, Sill put her hair dreams on pause to attend the University of California, Los Angeles as a psychology major.

“I was a really good student, and I had this idea that I should do something more academic,” Sill explains. “My family was certainly not excited about me doing hair. After college, I still really wanted to do hair and I was feeling really lost.”

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in psychology, Sill quickly jumped back into the world of hair. She attended cosmetology school at the Vidal Sassoon Academy. She landed her first job out of school at LuxeLab Salon in Santa Monica, California and has called the salon home for the past 10 years.

“LuxeLab is the only salon I’ve ever worked at...I started as an assistant and now I’m the creative director,” Sill says.


one to watch lauren sill

Her Passion

Though Sill might once have told friends and clients that hair color was her specialty, that's all changed as the years have gone by. Over the years, however, she’s developed a love for short creative haircuts. Working in a city where long blonde hair reigns supreme, she jumps at any opportunity to work on a challenging chop.

“I used to be afraid of technical haircuts and take on a billion color projects, and it’s funny how that sort of switched...I think you start to crave what you don’t do as often,” Sill explains. “I’ve become known for my short hair cutting, even though there still isn’t a lot of it in Los Angeles.”

As far as her own look, Sill is quite the color chameleon. A quick scroll through her social media feed will show the daring stylist with blonde, copper, and peach strands—all done within the last few months. Sill says her ever-changing hair color helps spark creativity for herself and her clients.

“Part of changing my look often is to keep my own work fresh,” Sill explains. “I feel like it kind of changes my eye and inspires my clients for what they want to do.”

When Sill isn’t creating mane makeovers at LuxeLab, she’s on the road working as an educator for Kérastase and Shu Uemura. Considering her education in psychology, you can imagine that Sill has a desire to help her clients and fellow stylists flourish. That’s why becoming an educator was the perfect fit for her.

“I’ve always been into teaching,” Sill says. “I think I used to focus on learning about anything I was afraid of having come in the door and then I sort of directed my education based on what I was afraid of.”.

As years have passed, Sill has begun creating classes tailored to what her students are anxious about—whether it’s short haircuts, cutting bangs, or styling techniques.

“I’m trying right now to connect the life coaching aspect of my job with my clients and with mentoring as a teacher,” Sill says.

Working with Kérastase and Shu Uemura has also given Sill an opportunity to tap into her creative side. She’s lead shows at New York and Los Angeles Fashion Weeks and even created sculptural braids for Paris Couture Week.

While traveling the world, working backstage at fashion shows, and teaching are all exciting aspects of Sill’s career, her home salon is still where her heart truly lies.

“My clients are a stable, grounding influence in my life,” Sill says “The same way it feels when I come home to my kitties after I travel, I feel like I’m coming home when I come back to my clients, too.”.


one to watch lauren sill

Her Advice

If you’re a budding stylist looking to make your big break in the industry, Sill’s advice is simple: Spend time doing what you love.

“Follow whatever you’re into—what work sparks joy,” Sill says. “If you love to braid, make sure to spend time on braiding. Try weird braids and get really great at something that you’re already good at. It builds confidence and keeps you from feeling beat up 

Whether you’re fellow stylist looking for guidance, a daring cut, or a stylist with a creative approach, you’re going to want to give Sill a call.

Follow Lauren Sill on Instagram @alittlesnippy. Book an appointment with her by calling LuxeLab Salon in Santa Monica, California at 310-255-9900 or visiting

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