These Curl-Saving Braided Pigtails Make It Easy To Go From Gym To Work

These Curl-Saving Braided Pigtails Make It Easy To Go From Gym To Work

15 January 2019
gym boxer braids

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

15 January 2019

This hairstyle tutorial is part of New Hair, New You, the series that helps you step into 2019 with the best attitude, tips, and tricks to get your year off to good start. Stay tuned for more updates and the chance to win freebies along the way.

Being a modern woman mean juggling many different parts of life. Family, careers, and personal wellness are an eternal balancing act, which means it’s more important than ever to make your beauty routine play well with the rest of your responsibilities.

As part of our effort to make your budding (or sustaining) gym routine a seamless part of our day, we teamed up with stylist Cassi Pinder. The L’Oréal Professionnel brand ambassador showed us the perfect way to craft curl-saving braided pigtails and refresh them after your workout.

Grab two hair elastics and get to styling.

gym braided pigtails

Think in twos.

This style involves double braids, so you’ll be doing everything twice. To begin, part your hair down the middle and create two sections. Working with one section at a time, begin to craft a large French braid starting behind your ear.


gym braided pigtails

Tie it off.

Continue braiding until you have about 2 inches of hair left and secure the braid with a clear hair elastic, allowing the rest of your hair to hang free.


gym braided pigtails

Secure the style.

Use bobby pins to secure any loose pieces of hair before you begin your workout.


gym braided pigtails

Enjoy the look.

You’re all set! Braids in place, go enjoy your workout. We’ll meet you back here afterward to talk about how to shake them out.



gym braided pigtails

Loosen up.

After your workout, remove the bobby pins and allow the loose hair to frame your face. No need to style your hair before you leave the gym—your braids are perfect for boxing class and the boardroom.

For more personalized tips about making your style last as long as possible, use our salon locator.

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