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4 Ways To Style Your Hair Under A Hat

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29 January 2018
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29 January 2018

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Embrace the fashion forward possibilities that accessories have to offer. Maxim Rokitskiy, L’Oréal Professionnel Russia creative partner and brand ambassador, tells us how to properly style your hair under a hat with these cute and easy styles.

fashionable woman wearing curly hairstyle under a hat

Textured Curls

Adding a hat on top of curled hair can create a sophisticated look—a good reason to try a chic beret! The first step towards textured curls is choosing the right haircut.

“A texturized haircut is the best choice for sculpting,” Rokitskiy says. “We’re talking texturized hair ends, choppy or layered lengths, or just short cuts with a defined shape.”

fashionable woman with braided hair under a hat

Braided And Beautiful

Braids are perfect for keeping your hair back and creating a bohemian vibe. Wear your braid to the side underneath a cozy, slouched beanie.

Maxim suggests another useful way to get the most out of a braid.

“Tuck in a braided tail on the top. Then, if you take off the hat, you can undo the hair to get naturally wavy after-bun hair that is already volumized and texturized,” he says.

fashionable woman with straight hairstyle under a hat

Straight And Subtle

Go sporty with minimalist straight hair neatly tucked under a fitted beanie. Prioritize hair care for healthy-looking straight hair, especially during the cold season.

“Don’t forget about continuous nutrition for the hair,” Rokitskiy instructs. “Use a concentrated hair cream or oil.” He sugguest incorporating L’Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert Absolut Repair Lipidium Mask into your routine.

fashionable woman wearing a hat and ponytail

On-The-Go Ponytail

Look good even as you do errands around the town with a ponytail. Let some wavy strands rest around the sides of your face. For an intentionally disheveled hair texture, always use a good styling product.

“Always keep a mini version of it in your bag to quickly re-establish volume and texture,” Rokitskiy advises.

Stay confident when using accessories with these cute ways to style your hair under a hat.

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