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Seashells For Hair Are Really Having A Moment

08 May 2019
two seashell hair accessories

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

08 May 2019

It started with hair bows—a sweeping trend across the nation that can only be described as “really, really having a good time styling your hair and visibly enjoying decorating the mane that is your pride and joy.” Months into 2019, the hair accessory boom has expanded to include whimsical clips, barrettes shaped like the moon, and $100 hair clips. When we saw a certain youngest child of a reality show family take festival season with real seashells braided into her hair, it was like watching the birth of a baby certain to grow up and become an emperor.

The seashell trend was predestined to rule the hair world. Our advice? Jump on this trend now so you can casually mention to all your friends that you were an early adopter in about six months. This aquatic trend ain’t going anywhere. Keep scrolling to see our favorite seashells for hair (dark brown hair, blonde, you name it) at every price point.

Seashell Hair Accessories Under $25

seashell hair bands

Madewell Four-Pack Seashell Hair Ties

The best way to try a trend is easing yourself in gently without committing too much time or energy, which is why these hair ties with delicate aquatic accents are perfect. Leave one on your wrist in case of a ponytail emergency—it basically doubles as a bracelet.

Madewell Four-Pack Seashell Hair Ties, $12.50 MSRP

seashell hair bobby pin


Anthropologie Beachy Bobby Pin Set

Another way to dip a toe into the waters of the seashell trend (sorry) is with little gold bobby pins that just kind of wink at the trend without being too obvious about it. You can thank the chic gold color for the fact that they seem to say, “Yes, I’m in the know but I barely care about being perfectly on trend at all times.”

Anthropologie Beachy Bobby Pin Set, $18.00 MSRP

blue seashell hair clips

Urban Outfitters Totally Beachin’ Shell Hair Clip Set

When we were kids, there just seemed to be piles of pastel acrylic hair accessories laying around at all times. Just when we finally thought we’d seen the last of those girly hair additions, they’re back in style! Wink at the kid you are inside by wearing this shell hair clip set.

Urban Outfitters Totally Beachin’ Shell Hair Clip Set, $12.00 MSRP

pink seashell hair clip


ASOS Orelia Coral Enamel Starfish Hair Clip

Neon colors and graphic shapes are so hot right now! Combine them both with this super simple outline of a starfish, which pairs well with both updos and hair that’s pulled back over one ear. When it comes to hair accessories, “less is more” is nearly always the right place to start from.

ASOS Orelia Coral Enamel Starfish Hair Clip, $9.50 MSRP

seashell hair headband

Shein Rhinestone Detail Lace-Up Headpiece

More starfish! If shells are too pedestrian for your high-minded taste in hair accessories, one-up all the trend followers and bypass conchs in favor of starfish. This delicate chain is super affordable and delicate—which means you can wear it without feeling like a misguided mermaid in a cartoon kids’ movie.

Shein Rhinestone Detail Lace-Up Headpiece, $5.00 MSRP

seashell hair rings


Freedom At Topshop Conch Shell Hair Rings

Hair rings have been popping up in the braids of all our favorite celebrities, but they definitely still haven’t made the transition to mainstream success. With butterfly clips, barrettes, and bows in heavy rotation, we have hopes that these subtle braid accoutrements are the next big trend to hit.

Freedom At Topshop Conch Shell Hair Rings, $14.00 MSRP

Seashell Hair Accessories Under $100

seashell hair headband

Deepa by Deepa Gurnani Shelley Headband

Fair warning: This headband is not for the meek. If you’re a trendsetter, an art lover, or someone who’s been waiting a decade for fashion trends of the millennium to make a return, a puka shell headband is maybe meant for your head. On curly hair in particular, it has a kind of laid back, festival-all-year vibe.

Deepa by Deepa Gurnani Shelley Headband, $98.00 MSRP

golden seashell hair barrette


LELET NY Linear Pearl & Shell Barrette

There’s elegant and then there’s elegant, the kind of style that makes you do a double take at the impossibly minimal and stylish woman who just passed you on the street because she definitely never has pet hair on her black dress and probably takes taxis everywhere. This barrette is what we imagine that woman would wear—is there a better selling point?

LELET NY Linear Pearl & Shell Barrette, $78.00 MSRP

Seashell Hair Accessories Under $200

golden seashell for hair

Jennifer Behr Maera Pearl Ponytail Holder

Obviously $178.00 is a lot of money to spend on a ponytail holder but don’t scoff right away if you’re the kind of person who’d take out her credit card for a similarly priced pair of earrings or a fine necklace. Hair accessories are the new ear accessories—an easy way to bring joy and personality to every outfit you wear. This heart of the ocean-style ponytail holder may be the wear-everywhere accessory you’ve been looking for.

Jennifer Behr Maera Pearl Ponytail Holder, $178.00 MSRP

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