How To Style Your Bangs And Keep Them Away From Your Face

11 Genius Ways To Keep Your Bangs From Getting In Your Eyes

Jelani Addams Rosa
05 February 2018
photo of woman with mini pompadour hairstyle
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

05 February 2018

The first few days after you cut bangs, you can’t get enough of them. You spend hours in the mirror figuring out all of the cutest ways to wear them and trying on all of the stylish accessories that look flawless with your new fringe. Life is good—for a little while.

Then comes the day that no matter what you do, you just can’t get your bangs to cooperate. You go-to styles are falling flat, and you just can’t get your bangs out of your eyes.

If you’re searching for some fabulous styles that will keep your bangs from getting in your eyes once and for all, look no further. From simple accessory hacks to elegant styles perfect for your next big event, we’ve got you covered.

photo of headband hair accessory


Throwing on a headband is arguably the fastest and easiest way to keep your bangs from getting in your eyes. Whether sporty or bedazzled, choose the headband that is perfect for your style and make blowing your bangs out of your face a thing of the past.

photo of slicked back hairstyle

Slicked Back

For this look, begin with wet hair or dampen your dry hair using a spray bottle filled with water. Once your hair is damp, work a medium hold styling gel through your strands and comb your hair straight back from your face.

photo of chignon hairstyle with a middle part

Center Part Chignon

Begin by parting your hair down the center of your head and applying a medium hold styling gel throughout the front of your hair. Brush your hair down so that your bangs lay completely flat and fasten a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Wrap the ponytail around itself until it forms a bun and secure the bun with several bobby pins. If your bangs refuse to lie flat or you’d like to add a funky visual element to your style, place 10 bobby pins on each side (20 in total) to hold your bangs in place.

photo of side swept bangs hairstyle

Side Swept Bangs

If your fringe is a little longer than usual, sweep it to the left or the right side of your face and pin it above your ear with a bobby pin.

photo of hair with long curtain bangs

Long Curtain Bangs

If you can’t remember the last time you got your bangs trimmed and they’re just about brushing your lips, consider transforming them into curtain bangs. Curtain bangs, a style in which bangs are parted down the middle and swept to either side of your face, are designed to keep the hair out of your eyes. You’ll love this retro trend that magnificently frames your face.

photo of center part twists hairstyle

Center Part Twists

To begin, part your fringe down the middle. Twisting one side at a time, gather part of your bang along with a piece of longer hair behind your bangs and twist them together. Secure the twist with an embellished bobby pin. Repeat the same steps on the opposite side.

photo of half up top knot hairstyle

Half Up Top Knot

Simply gather the top half of your hair—bangs included—in a ponytail and fasten with a hair elastic. Then, wrap your ponytail around itself until you form a bun and secure the style with several bobby pins. If you want to give your top knot a little extra glamour, tie a thin ribbon around the base of your bun.

photo of side braid hairstyle

Two Strand Flat Braid

To begin, give yourself a deep part on the left or right side of your head and divide the larger segment it into two sections. Working with just one section, twist it near the hairline over the second. Be sure to keep your twist close to the scalp. Continue the twisting motion, gathering more hair until you reach your ear. Pin the twist above your ear with several bobby pins.

photo of half up french braid hairstyle

Half Up French Braid

To begin, brush all of your hair straight back and allow it to flow down your back. Beginning at your hairline, begin to craft a basic French braid. Continue braiding until you reach the crown of your head and fasten the braid with a hair elastic. The braid will sit on the top of your head.

photo of mini pompadour hairstyle

Mini Pompadour

You could haphazardly brush your bangs back and pin them away from your face, but why not do it with some style? To get the most volume possible, blow dry your bangs back towards the crown of your head with a round brush. Then, use your bangs to create a mini pompadour and pin the pompadour in place with several bobby pins.

photo of halo braid hairstyle

Halo Braid

Some days you don’t just want your bangs out of your eyes, you want all of your hair out of your face! Skip your go-to ponytail and opt for this chic halo braid instead. Begin by parting your hair on the deep right or left side of your head, near your ear. Once you’ve parted your hair, begin crafting a cornrow that wraps around the crown of your head.

Continue braiding all the way around your head until you return to the part. If your hair is long, continue braiding any leave out until you get to the ends of your strands. Wrap the remaining hair around the halo braid and secure any loose strands with a few bobby pins. For a finishing touch, pancake the braid for a voluminous look.

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