The 13 Best Quinceañera Hairstyles For Your Special Day

13 Quinceañera Hairstyles That Are Anything But Childish

photo of Jessie Amato
25 April 2019
quinceanera hairstyles
photo of Jessie Amato

Jessie Amato

Junior Beauty Editor

25 April 2019

Get excited—your 15th birthday is right around the corner, which means your quinceañera isn’t too far behind! If you already bought your gown, chose the perfect heels to symbolize your transition to womanhood, and practiced your dance a dozen times, there’s only one thing missing: a hairstyle to top everything off.

Looking for some inspiration? Whether you’re looking for a bohemian hairstyle or a sophisticated updo, these are the 13 quinceañera hairstyles we’re obsessed with.


Half-Up Fishtail Braid

Your quinceañera begins your journey into adulthood, which means it’s time to retire your youthful half ponytail. Instead, opt for half-up fishtail braid with loose curls. If you have super long hair or lengthy extensions, this look was made for you!


Side Swept Braid

Side swept braids aren’t just for brides. You’ll command attention the minute you walk into the room with this soft, chic, and elegant ‘do—not to mention, this style is completely Instagram-worthy!


Windblown Chignon

The best hairstyles can be achieved in 10 minutes or less. Don’t believe us? This undone chignon is so simple, you’ll have extra time to prep for your grand entrance. Use a texturizing spray like the Redken Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray to create an effortless finish on your hairstyle.


Sleek And Sophisticated

If messy hairstyles aren’t your cup of tea, go for something a bit more polished like this sleek low bun. Beginning with damp hair, apply a dime-size amount of anti-frizz serum like the Biolage Smoothproof Serum throughout your strands. The serum tames hair, frizz, and flyaways while adding shine.

Blowdry your hair until it is completely dry. Create a clean part down the center of your head. Then, use a brush to smooth the hair down and gather your strands into a low ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a clear hair elastic and use a dime size amount of hair gel like the Matrix Style Link Super Fixer Strong Hold Gel to smooth down any flyaways.

Create a low bun by wrapping the hair from the ponytail around the base of the hair elastic. Secure your bun with another clear hair elastic and use bobby pins to tame any loose strands. Complete your look with a few spritzes of hairspray.


Sleek High Ponytail

For a sophisticated look, updos and buns are our go-to. If you’re leaning toward something a bit edgier for your big celebration, however, you can’t go wrong with a sleek high ponytail.


Fishtail Accent Braid

Looking to keep your quinceañera ‘do as simple as can be? Craft a fishtail braid on either side of your head to quickly amp up your look. Once you’ve created your plait, be sure to pancake the braid for volume and fullness.


Ballerina Bun

Ready to dance the night away? You can’t go wrong with a ballerina bun. This sophisticated look will keep your strands in place (and away from your face) all night long. Try wrapping a metal cuff around the base of your bun to add a touch of glam.


Blinged Out Chignon

If the tiara fits, wear it! It’s your quinceañera and there’s no doubt you want to feel like royalty. Pair your updo with a rhinestone tiara to really look the part.


Old Hollywood Waves

You might be turning 15 but if you’re an old soul at heart you’re likely inspired by vintage hairstyles, which is exactly why old Hollywood waves are perfect for you. All you need is a curling iron, heat protectant, and a stronghold hairspray to make this classic look yours!


Half-Up Rosette Bun

Spring babies: If you don’t want to put real flowers in your hair, why not try a rosette bun? Rosettes might look super complex, but they’re actually three-strand braids pancaked and twisted to form the shape of a rose.


Triple Rosette Updo

Obsessed with rosette buns? Craft three of the rose-inspired plaits for a fun party hairstyle that takes your springtime aesthetic to the next level.


Boho Accent Braids

If your birthday falls anywhere near festival season, your Instagram feed is likely flooded with space buns, glitterage, and flower crowns. If you’re looking to give your special occasion ‘do a bohemian vibe, try crafting a few three strand braids throughout your half-up hairstyle.


Voluminous Curls

Want to avoid tight updos and complex braids? Let your hair down and your ringlets shine! To create voluminous curls, begin by prepping your strands with a heat protectant like the Redken Iron Shape 11 Thermal Holding Spray. This lightweight, thermal heat protection hairspray is perfect for use with flat irons and curling irons up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to protect your hair, add shine, and reduce frizz.

Next, grab a 2-inch section of hair and a 2-inch wide barrel curling wand. Wrap the section around the wand away from your face. Hold the hair around the barrel for a few seconds and then release it. Repeat these steps until you’ve curled your entire head. Lock in your look with few spritzes of high-hold hairspray like the Kérastase Laque Extrême Hair Spray.

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