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23 Fourth Of July Hairstyle Ideas That'll Last All Day Long

03 July 2019
woman with side braid hairstyle holding american flag

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

03 July 2019

In our minds, summer doesn’t really take off until Independence Day. Whether you’re feeling very patriotic or just like an excuse for a day outside with pals, this red, white, and blue event calls for a hairstyle that can survive the elements and keep you looking fresh for photos. Whether dark brown hair or ash blonde is more your vibe, we have a Fourth of July hairstyle idea for you!

Before styling your ‘do for the holiday, take a look at our very favorite Fourth of July hairstyles for straight-from-the-salon inspiration.

Side Braid

Our number one rule of hairstyles meant for the outdoors is keep it simple. Since your hair is likely to end up windblown and tousled, choose a simple style (like a side braid!) to keep it out of your face. For added dimension, try Kérastase V.I.P. Volume In Powder—a backcomb effect finishing spray with a formula that promises 24-hour volumizing action.

Playful Texture

If you’re working with short hair, there’s no need to tote along an armful of hair elastics you can’t use to the barbecue. Instead, work with a dry texturizing spray to create lived-in, dramatic texture. This works even better if you’ve already got a statement color to show off.

Halo Braid

Angelic is the name of the game for the halo braid, which works best on very long hair. Having those lengths sitting on your neck in the heat can only lead to midday crankiness, so stave it off with this updo.

Half Ponytail With Ribbon

There once was a time when adult women had to trade in their hair bows and ribbons for beige elastics. Thankfully, that era is no more! We love a touch of whimsy and see professional stylists trying out a similar aesthetic with their styling clients.

Flipped Tail

Your mom probably used an elastic loop to achieve a flipped ponytail, but dextrous fingertips can do the same thing. Make a ponytail, then part your hair directly above the elastic and bring the whole style up and through the hole.

Claw Clip Updo

Before you make any jokes, remember that the ‘90s claw clip made its runway debut this past year. We also recommend reciting that very line to anyone who heckles you for choosing an easy (and lovely!) updo.

Beachy Curls

Humidity in the hair can only enhance your curls, so stay away from any heat styling you may be tempted to do on July 4. Apply a humidity-busting curl product like Mizani's HRM Humidity Resistant Mist and be on your way, curly girl.

Bombshell Ponytail

Holidays bring out the inner drama queens in all of us. If July Fourth brings out your inner diva, opt for a snatched ponytail that is all about length. It’ll stay put all day, which is helpful for when your casual afternoon hang turns into a wild night out.

Decorative Scarf

Hair accessories are grossly underutilized, particularly in situations where you may not want to spend hours styling your ‘do. Tie in a stars-and-stripes printed scarf to take your ‘grammability to the next level.

Easy Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid has earned a permanent place in our hearts because it looks complicated but only requires the skill set of a French braid. If you’re feeling totally ambivalent to all styles when you wake up on July Fourth, take this go-to look for a spin.

Half Bun

The half bun is the blue jeans of hairstyles: It makes everything look better. It also works well on unwashed manes, so it should be your first thought if you’re not in the mood for shampooing and blow drying.

Twist Out

The Fourth of July is bound to evolve into a photo op for you and your friends (that golden hour light is important!), so make sure your curls look their best. We recommend a twist out—the more volume, the better.


Triple Twist

July can get unbearably hot, leaving you sweating long before noon. Keep your hair off your neck with this triple updo, which is a playful twist on the boxer braids of a few years ago.

Statement Bow

The easiest way to style your hair and still get noticed is by throwing on a hair accessory—we’re partial to leopard print. Sleep with your hair in a braid, apply a spritz or two of texturizing spray and tie a ribbon in your hair. Voila!



Accent Pins

A sparkly pin or two can take any kind of a braid from every day to noteworthy. Make sure your hair shines as brightly as the fireworks by adding in a bejeweled accent.


Bun With Bobby Pins


If you’re growing out your hair, you know the struggle of those three or four pieces that aren’t quiiite long enough to stay put in an updo. Buy a packet of statement bobby pins (a neon color would be cute here) and throw them throughout your ‘do. You’ll fix two problems at once, getting the hair out of your face and making your mane look uniquely festive.



Scrunchie Style

Scrunchies and patterned hair wraps are the easiest win. Tie one it, add texture to your mane, and be on your way. You can count on getting compliments at every barbecue you stop by!



Scarf Fishtail

We pat ourselves on the back every time we spend the extra three minutes fishtail braiding, but if you really want to feel proud you can tie on a seasonal scarf. Who’s basically an expert at hairstyling? That’s all you, baby.



Twisted Double Buns

Got a second-day blowout to work with? Don’t bother rewashing it, especially with all the sunscreen you’ll be applying throughout the day. Use a comb to create a sharp center part, then twist each section back into a bun and pin it in place. All done!



Half Up Knot

Spice up your standard half updo with a knotted accent that takes approximately zero effort to create. It’s a small upgrade that packs a big visual punch.



Pearly Clips

If you have eyeballs or have been on social media in the past month, you’re well aware that pearly versions of our favorite ‘00s accessory are taking over. The great news is that hair clips are totally inexpensive and can make any style look like it was done by a pro.



Ballerina Bun

Curly girls: This one’s for you. Twist your ringlets into a loose bun and finish the style with a hair scarf. Instant party vibes!

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers in hair aren’t exclusively reserved for festivals and summer weddings. Don’t be afraid to pop a couple of small blooms into your braid or updo.

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