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The Perfect Valentine's Day Hair For When You Just Found A Ring In His Pocket

01 February 2019
woman's updo back view with gold feather clip

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

01 February 2019

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year if you really love being under pressure. While some girls are going on dates for the first time, you’re in an entirely different—sparklier—situation. All that snooping in nightstands and sending Instagram DMs full of diamonds has paid off and he’s proposing!

There are so many plans to make, but none of them can start until after you say yes. So for now, let’s set this life commitment on the back burner and focus on what’s really important: the hair. With so many unknowns (Where is dinner? Is he proposing inside or outside?), you’ll want a style that photographs well, doesn’t budge in the wind, and allows you to wear any neckline. Whether you have dark brown hair, balayage, or highlights, this updo is a great idea.

We teamed up with Jamie Wiley, expert Pureology stylist, to create an engagement updo tutorial so good we won’t be surprised if you wear it as your wedding day hairstyle, too. Here comes the bride!

hand holding half a woman's hair


Start with a section for your engagement updo.

Begin with hair that’s clean and detangled. You’ll need to gather a clear elastic and a handful of bobby pins before starting to section your hair.

“Combine all the hair from behind the left ear…following the round of the head in a half moon. Leave out a diagonal section on the right side,” Wiley explains.

hands holding half a woman's hair

Tie it off.

Secure your half ponytail, leaving space for the topsy-turvy step you’re about to take.

thumbs through a loop in a half ponytail

Flip it good.

Working as slowly as you need, bring the ponytail up and through the hair just above the elastic. This creates a pleasantly romantic twisting effect. Here, Wiley advises using Pureology’s Style + Protect Wind Tossed Texture Finishing Spray to ensure your ‘do doesn’t fall flat.


hand holding section of woman's hair

Top the ponytail.

Ponytail in place, pick up the diagonal section from earlier and bring it over the top of the ponytail. Using a closed bobby pin, slide it in parallel to your head and ensure one side of the bobby pin is tucked into the elastic to secure the hairstyle.

 hand pinning bun in woman's updo  

Roll with it.

Start with the last unused section of hair, rolling it up until it meets the base of your neck. Place as many bobby pins as you need to ensure your ‘do stays secure—no matter what the night may bring.

woman's updo back view with gold feather clip

Get fancy.

It’s not just any night, so think twice before leaving the house without a hair accessory. Wiley uses a feather clip for a final touch, but any hair accessory  you have can do the trick.

If you have enough advance warning to practice this style once or twice before the big night, we recommend starting early and getting comfortable with it. When in doubt, refer back to Wiley’s pro advice for all the styling tips you need.

For customized bridal styling advice, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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