The Trendiest Hairstyles And Hair Cuts For Black Men In 2018

The 6 Trendiest Haircuts And Styles For Black Men In 2018

Jelani Addams Rosa
06 April 2018
photo of black man getting a hair cut in barber shop
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

06 April 2018

Sometimes it feels like keeping up with the latest hair trends is a full-time job. You may pretend you don’t care, but the truth is everyone wants to be on-trend. Tired of getting left behind? We’re here to help.

If you’re searching for your next stylish haircut and style, let us do the hard work for you. Katie Lopez, Baxter of California brand ambassador and barber, is here to explain everything you need to know about the most popular haircuts and hairstyles for black men.

It used to feel like closely cropped fades were all but mandatory for black men, but no longer. Much like black women, many black men have begun to embrace their natural texture. Lopez says more and more black men are allowing their hair to grow longer than before. Having longer hair will enable them to switch up their look regularly.

Men can get versatility by picking out their afro or doing some on-trend short twists to add some separation.

Katie Lopez Baxter Of California Master Barber

photo of man getting haircut in salon chair


Locs are long hairstyle seeing a rise in popularity, according to Lopez. While locs are nothing new, the barber says men are putting amodern spin on the classic style.

“We are watching locs transform into a much looser style, and guys are dabbling with wearing their locs fully down, fully up, or half down, half up,” she says.

photo of man with dreadlocks hairstyle


Short haircuts are still as popular as ever. However, even men who opt to go short are holding onto a little more length than usual. A disconnected undercut is an on-trend option for men who like to keep their hair short, but want to keep some of their hair long enough to experiment with different hairstyles.

“Once their top gets long enough, then the sides can come off with a crisp fade,” Lopez explains. “With that disconnect, a lot of guys are cornrowing or braiding the top in different designs to get revolving looks.”

photo of man getting haircut in salon chair

Disconnected Fade

Black men are also adding visual elements to their ‘do to customize their haircuts.

“Patterns and artwork are everywhere—and man are they getting detailed. It is such a craft,” she says. “Carved-in parts are making a comeback in an amazing way; it really adds detail to the haircut.”

photo of man with pattern haircut


If you’re searching for a timeless look, Lopez says a close razor shave or 360 waves always look put together.

“A close, straight razor shave all over will forever be a lasting trend for black men. It has become really favored by a lot of black men over the years, and it allows them to create different looks with their facial hair,” she explains.

photo of man with clean fade haircut

Razor Shave

Even though men experiment with their hairstyles now more than ever, it turns out the accessory typically used to hide bad haircuts and styles is having a moment of its own.

“Hats are always embraced and always have been. With so many options of hat designs in modern fashion, I can tell you hats are not going anywhere,” the barber says. “Just keep that fade fresh around the ears and neckline.”

Whether you allow your hair to grow long, opt for a classic cropped cut, or add a new hat to your collection, you’re bound to be the most well-coiffed man in any room.

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