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3 Must-Have Short Natural Hairstyles To Make Your Curls Pop

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29 March 2018
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photo of sarah bondoc

Sarah Bondoc

Junior Beauty Editor

29 March 2018

Sarah is a Paris-based American journalist who has a passion for hair and beauty.

Natural curls can pose enough hair problems as it is, but Alexis Rosso—French expert stylist and Mizani brand ambassador—says that choosing the right haircut doesn’t have to be one of them. He has a large list of cut possibilities: “boyish cuts, bowl cuts, bobs, asymmetrical cuts and rock 'n' roll cuts.”

With this much choice, you can get creative in the salon! Just make sure your stylist suggests a short natural hairstyle “that is both adapted to your face shape and type of curl,” Rosso notes.

Scroll down for his favorite haircuts for short curly hair!

photo of pixie cut natural short hairstyle

Fully Loaded Pixie Cut

Show off your funky style and strong-willed attitude! We love how thick curls look when they’re piled on top of the head. In case you needed more convincing, styling this ‘do is effortless with the aid of Mizani’s Foam Wrap Fast Drying Foam!

Your hairdresser can personalize this cut by “playing with the tapered lengths and unstructured volume,” Rosso says.

photo of chic buzz cut natural short hairstyle

Chic Buzz Cut

“When you have curly hair, it can be very difficult to control the volume, mass and length when you cut it short,” Rosso explains.

Why not cut the curl crisis out altogether? Opt for a neatly trimmed buzz cut for an edgy yet sophisticated appearance.

photo of asymmetrical natural short haircut

Asymmetrical Cut

Natural hair commanded the runways during this past fall, so proudly wear your natural texture with an added twist: an asymmetrical aspect that creates an elegant shape. Define your beautiful curls with the right hair care.

“Invest in the right products that are going to allow you to discipline your curl and give it the right type of volume you desire,” Rosso advises.

A few spritzes of Mizani’s 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Treatment will go a long way in making your curls even more beautiful. Goodbye frizz and brittle ends!

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