Blunt Bob With Bangs: How To Own The Look |

Blunt Bob With Bangs: How To Own The Look In 2018

11 April 2018
photo of woman with blunt bob with bangs

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

11 April 2018

It takes a unique lady to wear a blunt bob with bangs. Think about it: In movies and television, the only women who wear cropped cuts are spies, millionaires, and models. It’s an elite group and entry is limited, but we’re extending you an invite.

The knife-sharp edges of this cut serve as a kind of contour for your face, creating definition where they fall. Whether you decide to highlight your jawline or chiseled cheekbones, a blunt bob is undeniably the most flattering beauty decision you’ll make this year.

If you’ve scheduled an appointment with your stylist but haven’t yet pulled any inspirational images, let us do the legwork for you. Below, you’ll find 10 of our very favorite blunt bobs with all kinds of bangs. There’s no such thing as too short, babe.

photo of blunt haircut with long bangs

Long Bangs

There’s a common misconception that every blunt bob will end up looking like a Halloween wig. If that’s a fear of yours, transition into the style with a lob and long bangs.

photo of collarbone length blunt bob with bangs

Collarbone Length

Many women find collarbone length hair easier to maintain than very short styles. Having the flexibility to let your mane grow between appointments and pull it into a ponytail makes all the difference.

photo of shoulder length blunt bob with bangs

Shoulder Length

Few blunt cuts are as beautiful as the shoulder length bob. Because the hair falls just above the shoulders, it moves freely every time you turn your head. If you’re interested in a fantasy color or multidimensional balayage, the shoulder length bob is a smart way to show it off.

photo of neck length blunt bob with bangs

Neck Length

A bob is a dangerous thing. We find that women who finally get the chop become increasingly addicted to the exhilarating feeling of snipping away the inches. If this isn’t your first hair rodeo, a neck length bob will feel fresh and modern.

photo of law length blunt cut with bangs

Jaw Length

Some of us were born with jawlines that can best be described as “barely present.” Instead of looking into plastic surgery, we head to the nearest hair salon for a quick fix. This bob creates the illusion of a more defined jaw, meaning you can walk out of your appointment with your chin held high.

photo of blunt cut hairstyle with curtain bangs

Curtain Bangs

If you love a haircut that frames the face but have never been able to make short bangs work in your favor, give their longer cousins a try. Paired with a blunt bob, curtain bangs are feminine and just a little vintage-inspired.

photo of curly blunt bob with bangs


Don’t let the girls with straight hair have all the fun! Curls can get in on the blunt bob movement, too. It’s just important to schedule an appointment with a pro who has plenty of experience cutting similar styles.

photo of baby doll blunt bob with bangs


Like a little whimsy in your look? A babydoll bob may be your new signature look. This sweet cut is all about the finishing touches, including voluminous bangs and subtly curled ends.

photo of full bangs hairstyle


Rockabilly hairstyles hearken back to the earliest days of rock and roll. To keep this style from feeling cheesy, we like it paired with a vibrant red, blue, or green shade. With a punch of color, vintage is cooler than ever.

photo of a line blunt bob with bangs


The best and prettiest haircut will always be the one that’s customized to fit your face. If you’re worried that blunt ends will overwhelm your face, ask your stylist for an A-line bob that follows the angle of your jawline.

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