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Sweetheart Hair Color Is The Candy-Inspired Trend You Have To See

13 February 2019
three women with pastel sweetheart hair color

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

13 February 2019

Whether you’re in a relationship or flying solo this Valentine’s Day, there’s one thing for certain: Nothing is sweeter than absolutely crushing your look. Just in time for the most romantic day of the year, a candy-colored new hair color trend has popped up: Sweetheart hair color. Named after the candy hearts emblazoned with flirty messages, this saturated take on pastel hair is a love letter to fantasy hair colors.

There’s never been a more perfect time for Sweethearts in our life—especially considering the fact that you actually can’t buy candy conversation hearts anywhere in 2018. Don’t panic! Satiate your sweet tooth with these gorgeous colors. On androgynous haircuts or long manes, Sweetheart hair color is a winner.

woman with sweetheart hair color in violet

What is Sweetheart hair color?

As with all great new shades, there’s one savvy stylist behind the name: Kate Reid, global design director for Color.Me by Kevin Murphy, who had her genius color idea spotted by Popsugar. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Reid found a way to remind us of grade school candy swaps.

Remember Sweethearts, the chalky treat that came in an array of neon colors? This vibrant hair look calls for sugary pastel colors in their most intense form—think bold pink hair, sweet violet hair, and brilliant aqua blue hair.

If that sounds like a candy-coated shade you can get behind, keep reading to learn how to make it work in your own life.

woman with sweetheart hair color in blue

How do you get Sweetheart hair color?

If you’re going to try pastel hair, make sure you’re feeling fully romantic about the look before committing to it. Fantasy hair is famously anything but low maintenance to maintain. First, your stylist will use bleach to lift color from your mane if you’re anything other than the lightest blonde hair color. Bleach inevitably results in some damage, but a trusted pro will work to leave your hair looking (and feeling) beautiful by the time the appointment is over.

Starting with dark brown hair color or deep black hair? Prepare yourself for a wait. It may take several appointments before you stylist can safely lift your base color, which means walking around with temporary brassy color for a few days.

Once you’ve achieved your dream Sweetheart shade—be it blue, aqua, or violet—the name of the game is an at-home maintenance routine! Rely on a salon-approved formula like Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner to help keep your color looking bright between regular appointments.You should also consider keeping your hair washing sessions to a minimum, which is why a color-safe dry shampoo formula like Shu Uemura Art Of Hair's Color Lustre Dry Cleaner is a smart pick.

woman with sweetheart hair color in pink

Who should try Sweetheart hair color?

Vibrant, saturated fantasy colors are for the bold, those looking to make a dramatic change, and those who are looking to take life (and hair) a little less seriously. Because this shade comes with regular bleaching and touch-ups, we’d recommend it for those with a head of healthy hair.

Looking for a more relaxed way to give colorful hair a try? Talk to your stylist about a balayage or ombre application of color. Keeping a more natural shade close to the roots means a painless grow out process and ultimately fewer appointments.

Whatever you decide, you can’t deny that Sweetheart hair is a better Valentine’s surprise than any candy treat. This sweet shade has totally stolen our hearts.

For personalized advice about trying a new hair color, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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