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The Easiest Way For Brunettes To Get Fantasy Hair Colors—Without Bleach!

Jelani Addams Rosa
30 July 2019
Redken Super Glow
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

30 July 2019

Dark brown hair is one of the most popular and coveted hair colors around, but even ladies with luscious chocolate locks want to switch things up every once in a while. Achieving a fantasy color on dark brown hair usually requires several damaging bleach sessions to lift your natural hue and create a neutral base upon which to paint your eye-catching shade. If you’re tired of choosing between the color of your dreams and the health of your mane, we have just the salon color for you: Redken Color Fusion Super Glow.

Super Glow is the latest addition to Redken’s groundbreaking Color Fusion range and allows brunette babes to achieve some of the most on-trend fantasy colors of the year without having to pre-lighten their strands. Sound like Redken Color Fusion Super Glow is right for you? You’re in luck. We sat down with Redken artist Alex Arias to get the scoop on everything there is to know about the game-changing salon color.


What is Redken Color Fusion Super Glow?

Redken Color Fusion Super Glow is an in-salon color service that helps people with dark hair colors achieve fantasy hair shades without having to use bleach to pre-lighten their strands.

“The beauty of Redken Color Fusion Super Glow is it’s an ammoniated permanent hair color that has no background,” Arias says. “It gives brunettes a beautiful, luminous reflect without having to pre-lighten the hair.”

During traditional permanent color services, bleach typically acts as an oxidizing agent to help lift the color from your strands and lock in a new color. Redken Color Fusion Super Glow is already 100 percent oxidized without the use of bleach, which means you can get achieve vibrant colors without compromising the health and strength of your hair. The hues won’t appear as vibrantly on a dark brown base as they would on a lightened base, but the service is perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with color without completely getting rid of their natural hue.

“Redken Color Fusion Super Glow is a game-changer because it can be used as a stand-alone shade for clients who have not had their hair colored or might be afraid of lightning,” Arias explains. “It can also be used to increase the tonal intensity of other Redken Color Fusion shades, which is great for clients who want to add dimension to their current hair color...I love to layer Super Glow on to my formulation to kick it up a little and add a pop of reflect!”

Super Glow comes in four shades: Icy Violet, Tequila Sunrise, Garnet, and Deep Sea. The on-trend shades can create everything from stunning ombre’s to an oil slick look.


Who is Redken Color Fusion Super Glow right for?

While everyone can benefit from salon color that doesn’t compromise the health of your strands, Redken Color Fusion Super Glow was formulated with one particular kind of customer in mind.

“Super Glow is best for clients who have never dyed or lightened their hair before and is ideal for brunettes who want to have some fun with their hair without needing to pre-lighten,” Arias says.

While Super Glow is formulated for brunettes, ladies with very dark brown hair should know the vibrant hues show up best on light to medium brown hair. If you’re unsure if Super Glow is right for you, schedule a consultation with your colorist!


How should you care for your hair after a Redken Color Fusion Super Glow service?

Redken Color Fusion Super Glow may not require bleach, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to make some changes to your hair care routine to care for your new hue. If you’re not sure how to overhaul your routine, Arias shares some of his favorite products for color-treated hair.

“As every stylist says, at-home maintenance is key for taking care of your hair color! I always send my guests home with Redken Nature + Science Color Extend Magnetic Shampoo and Conditioner and a weekly treatment of either Redken Color Extend Magnetics Mega Mask or Redken All Soft Mega Mask to keep their hair in top shape!”

Equipped with Arias’s expert advice and product recommendations, you have everything you need to transform your dark brown hair into the fantasy shade of your dreams.

Interested in a Redken Color Fusion Super Glow service? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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