The Ultimate Matrix SoColor Cult Color Eraser Review

This Hair Color Eraser Is Key If You Love Changing Up Your Shade

05 June 2018
close up photo of stylist applying color to hair

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

05 June 2018

Remember what it felt like to be a child working on your art assignment at the dinner table? One slight bump to the table and your drawing seemed fated for ruin. There was never any fear of messing up, however, because you always had a handy eraser.

These days, we don’t do so many kitchen table drawings but we do regularly speak with hairstylists who oversee dramatic color transformations. Women may love the blue, pink, or purple shades they’ve tried, but it’s bound to get old after awhile—even with the subtle color techniques like peekaboo highlights on dark brown hair. To get rid of their unwanted pigment, Matrix has introduced a product akin to a pink pencil eraser: the SoColor Cult Color Eraser. Launching in June, this tool is game-changer for the inner color fanatic in all of us.

Jessica Kittredge, Matrix brand ambassador and stylist, says the formula is ideal for women who often change their mind about what color suits them best.

Color eraser helps remove all artificial pigments from the hair—both direct and oxidative dyes—while maintaining the natural hair’s tone and integrity...It’s great for clients wanting to completely change their hair tone or [who] want to go lighter but already have color on their hair.

Jessica Kittredge Matrix Stylist

In other words, Color Eraser makes light work of even the most stubborn shades. In addition, the powerful formula leaves your hair feeling healthy and looking beautiful. While it looks more like a powder than the blocky pink tool you might remember, the Color Eraser serves a similar purpose.

Photo of Matrix SoColor Cult Color Eraser

The formula is designed to be used by a professional hairstylist during a salon appointment. There, a pro like Kittredge will mix it with developer to lift the added color from your strands.

“Unless I know for a fact that [the guests] don’t have direct dyes on their hair, I start with a mild application to remove those from the surface of the hair first using distilled water. Then I continue to slowly strengthen my formula with developer to remove pigments that are layered deeper into the cuticle until my desired amount of removal is achieved,” Kittredge explains.

By the end of the Color Eraser application, your stylist will have a blank canvas to work with. There’s no stopping you from turning your hair rainbow, galactic, or even trying out an acid color. Just like your grade school eraser created a blank canvas for creativity, the Color Eraser allows your stylist to start with a fresh canvas. From a professional’s viewpoint, Kittredge loves that formula leaves hair livable and makes the salon appointment simpler.

Need some inspiration before diving into your next vivid hair color? Matrix has recently introduced SoColor Cult, the first brand line to offer every vibrant shade in semi, demi, and permanent formulas. The line offers an astounding 54 hues, including neons, pastels, dusty hues, and grays. Interest piqued? Talk to your stylist about potential hair goals that might work for with your budget, maintenance routine, and skin tone. Have no fear—you can start over at any time!

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