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Time For Change: The Best Way To Go From Brown To Blonde

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29 December 2017
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29 December 2017

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No matter what your skin, eye, or natural hair color is, there’s a shade of blonde out there to suit everyone. However, the brown to blonde hair color journey is not always a simple one. Indeed, the limitations of the hair color process sometimes mean stylists can’t grant the blonde wishes of all their clients due to the risk of damage.

That’s why Matthew Collins, Canadian international hair stylist and L’Oréal Professionnel ambassador, works with products and techniques that allows colorists to execute even the most drastic color changes. Keep scrolling to discover the professional advice you need to go blonde the right way.

Going from brown to blonde is all about planning.

Transitioning from brunette to blonde can put your tresses under immense stress. However, Matthew Collins explains that using a protective product such as Smartbond by L’Oréal Professionnel during the coloring process can help to protect bonds and durably strengthen for a stronger hair fiber during technical service.

“Something that’s very worrisome for the models I style is that their hair gets very damaged on a day-to-day basis,” Collins says, adding that he’s seen excellent results during his color appointments using Smartbond.

Engage in color talk only if you speak the same language as your hairdresser.

If you’ve done your blonde research, you will frequently have been exposed to terms such as “warm, “golden,” and “ash.” However, if you’re not really sure what they mean, refrain from using terms such as these—you could end up leaving your appointment with a look you didn’t quite anticipate.

Salon tip: Stick to words that you’re comfortable with and look to the salon’s color chart for guidance. You can point out the shades that you’re drawn to, and your colorist will advise you accordingly. Alternatively, bring in photos of your dream color.

Set an achievable goal.

It is fundamental not to rush the coloring process. If you sport very dark locks, you should expect the transformation to take around 3 to 4 visits, each time moving up a shade. At-home maintenance also plays a key role on the road to the shade you want. Experts advise regular use of an intensive conditioner between appointments—especially on your ends.

Salon tip: We understand that you may desperately crave bleach blonde hair, but it may not be the best way to go for your hair’s health. Dark-haired girls should opt for darker shades to help minimize hair damage.

Look after your blonde hair.

The journey to blonde doesn’t end at the salon. To maintain the true shade that you walked out the salon’s doors with, it is important to use a system of products that treat blonde hair with the care it needs. Salon tip: Use a brightening repair shampoo for blonde hair—preferably with purple tones, such as Shine Blonde Shampoo from L’Oréal Professionnel. As bleach can take its toll smooth on a conditioning treatment like Shine Blonde Conditioner regularly.

Follow these tips and embark upon your journey to blonde the salon-recommended way. You—and your hair—will thank you later!

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