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Lilac Hair Color Is The Coolest New Way To Wear Purple

05 February 2019
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Emily Arata

Senior Editor

05 February 2019

Every week, hair obsessives figure out a new way to spin a favorite color—and every week we find ourselves with a big old crush on it. Pastel lavender, moody eggplant, and sexy opalescent purple have given way to a new entrant into the trend competition: lilac hair color. Unlike its other purples, lilac is a distinctly red-leaning shade that plays on the dark brown hair and gold shades that are so popular right now.

If you’re dying to get your hands on some hair dye, keep reading. We’re sharing the salon-approved way to make lilac your new signature color—or at least take it for a spin.




What is lilac hair color?

For the past few years, nearly every must-have hair color has skewed cool. That means a lot of time invested in touch-up appointments, anti-brass shampoos, and staring at your hair in the mirror trying to figure out if it’s starting to turn yellow.

In 2019, colors are taking a slight turn for the warmer. Lilac hair color is a blend of pink and blue that leans a bit toastier, making it the perfect companion for mushroom brown hair or a neutral blonde. For once, you don’t have to start with platinum hair to get in on the trend.

Like all hair colors, lilac is best when it’s specifically made for your complexion and head of hair. To make that happen, you’ve got to get your stylist on the phone. This is a hair-mergency.



Who should try lilac hair color?

Lilac hair color is definitely one shade that's perfect for the adventurous soul. If the endless parade of brunettes and blondes makes you want to hit snooze on getting a new hair color, step outside of the box with an unforgettable pink-purple shade.

You don’t have to get a full head of lilac hair color, either. For a higher-maintenance shade like this, it may best serve your lifestyle to choose peekaboo highlights, balayage, or any other color application with a natural grow out. Instead of panicking because your roots are 2 inches long and that is definitely not cute, you’ll be chilled out and awaiting your next hair appointment.

Like all pastels, lilac hair color may take some work on your stylist’s part to maintain. They’ll need to lift any pigment from your hair with bleach before even starting to think about purple hair color—and with bleach arrives its unpopular cousin, damage. We recommend investing in a care system specifically formulated for minimalist high-maintenance colors like Matrix’s Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner.

If you’re not down to regularly treat your hair to TLC, think about opting for more natural shades or spray-on temporary color.


How should you wear lilac hair color?

Blunt cuts, chic bobs, and short hair are our favorite ways to put lilac to work in 2019. Shortcuts place emphasis on the color instead of competing for attention the way longer hair can do. If you don’t mind more maintenance, a full head of lilac is the way to go. No one will miss you walking down the street!

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to a full-on salon romance, lilac balayage on long hair is an ethereal, princess-like way to try the shade. Once you get tired of those purple ends, just snip them off! There’s nothing better than a low-stakes game.

For more personalized advice about the best way to put lilac hair color to work for you, use our salon locator to book a consultation with a stylist near you.

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