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All Your Favorite Celebs Are Going Golden Blonde For August

19 July 2019
two women with golden blonde hair color

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

19 July 2019

By the time late summer rolls around, we spend about 80 percent of every day wondering how to get away with wearing maxi dresses and ponytails to work every day . Believe it or not, your favorite A-listers and influencers are exactly the same—celebs! They’re just like us! A wave of famous blondes have recently swapped their high-maintenance shades for effortless golden blonde hair...and you should, too.

Unlike icy platinum, golden blonde hair color is a warm shade that just barely hints at strawberry blonde. It makes any tan look better and plays nicely with beachy texture and short lobs. Because golden blonde is a darker shade on the blonde spectrum, you don’t have to ruin your hair going blonde because you’re in the hands of a professional.

Whether you’re starting with ash blonde or dark brown hair color, let’s take a stroll down Dream Hair Lane together. It’s this easy to copy your favorite celeb’s Cali-girl golden blonde look!

The Prettiest Golden Hair Color Ideas To Try Now


Golden Face-Framing Highlights

Hello, gorgeous! This mouthwatering shade cleverly plays golden blonde face-framing highlights off a much darker brown base. It creates a look that seems like it would be high maintenance but grows out without much effort. If you’re looking for maximum impact but too busy to commit to hours in your stylist’s chair, face-framing highlights will definitely get you that model-cool look.


Beachy Golden Blonde

Surfer hair is the ultimate compliment in our book! If you have super long hair, attain a beachy glow by asking for a golden base that brightens through the ends to mimic the way hair can naturally brightens in the sun. Because the lightest pieces are located at the ends of your hair, you won’t need to worry about getting them touched up all the time. Work a purple pigmented shampoo into your routine (we love Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo) to keep your color from picking up unwanted brassy notes.


Rooty Golden Blonde

The secret to perfect salon blonde—and part of the reason you should only trust a professional with your hair—is that less can actually be more effective. Take this rooty golden blonde, which only lightens to gold around the face and at the ends. You benefit from all the gorgeous sunshiney goodness of golden hair but don’t deal with excess damage or hair that feels like uncooked ramen noodles.


Golden Blonde Balayage

If low-maintenance hair care is your love language, make it a reality with golden blonde balayage on a neutral brown base. For hair color virgins and salon warriors alike, this look is a smart way to test out the trend before fully committing your time, money, and hair to it. Ask your stylist to paint on subtle gold accents and hint that you might consider coming back for more at a later date.


Golden Blonde Highlights

There’s no rule that hair color has to be understated. If you like your blonde to make a statement, take dramatic golden blonde highlights for a spin. While this example was done with a balayage application, traditional foil highlights all over your head will also do the trick. Make sure your stylist knows you want color that’s here to make a statement!


Reflective Golden Blonde

Dozens of hair articles are dedicated to getting French girl styling tips, but what about French girl hair color? This to-die-for bronzy golden blonde is the epitome of European cool, from the blend of light and dark gold to the super dark roots. Bring this photo to your stylist for inspiration, but prepare yourself to spend several salon appointments attaining this incredible look—especially if you’re starting with very dark hair.


Dimensional Golden Blonde

The golden (sorry) rule of hair color is that once you form a relationship with a stylist who creates inspired color for your head, cling to them. More than that: Give them a long leash to blend, explore, and develop your color over time. Any celebrity colorist will tell you that their most famous, successful shades are the product of a longterm relationship with the star in question. The result? Beautiful, unique shades like this dimensional golden blonde.


Dark Golden Blonde

To take a golden blonde to the next level, super warm shades against deep brunette can look really rich. We love the show-stopping caramel swirl of these gold highlights—which, incidentally, would make the perfect transition shade into fall or winter.


Sunkissed Golden Blonde

Braids were basically invented to show off perfect hair color (we have no proof of that, but it seems like it could be true). If subtle, barely-there highlights are your jam, save this photo of picture-perfect babylights all over the head. As an added bonus, your color is bound to look flawless in an updo!


Soft Golden Blonde

Like a certain doll with ankle-length blonde hair and about a million different careers, you too can have perfectly reflective, monochromatic soft golden blonde hair. Maintaining the tell-tale shine of super healthy hair is key to pulling off this stunner of a look!

Ready to take a dive into the golden blonde lifestyle—mansion in the Hollywood Hills optional? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you. 

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