20 Dip-Dye Hair Color Ideas To Brighten Up Your 'Do

From Basic To Bright: 20 Dip-Dye Hair Color Ideas

28 August 2017
woman with pink and green hair

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

28 August 2017

You’ve tried ombre, balayage, and bleach, so you’re basically a hair technique pro. Even so, have you ever given thought to trying out dip-dye hair? 

Although it’s visually similar to ombre, with a striking accent color applied from mid-shafts to ends, dip dye actually differs slightly. This technique involves less blending, so as to create a more dramatic change in color.

If you’ve ever thought about trying a neon, pastel, or combination of colors, dip dye is a process that you’ll definitely need to know about.


Blue hair is very popular, especially because it's so flattering on almost every skin tone. Instead of choosing the ubiquitous turquoise, opt for the unexpected true-blue of cornflower. It's particularly stunning against very cool, blonde hair.


If violet is too shocking for your tastes, dip dye your hair a far more subdued shade. Plum is unique in its deep, red-influenced purple tones. The color is a smart choice for ladies with dark skin tones, or those who want a darker dip dye. 


Is anything more aspirational than teal hair? The green and blue notes of this stunner of a color make it shimmer in the light. If you opt for teal ends, there’s one important caretaking note: Your color will bleed. For that reason, we recommend this particular color for brunettes.


Neon ends aren’t for everyone, and that’s totally acceptable. Instead of going full on raver-chic, choose copper ends for a more neutral finish. We love the shade on brunettes both dark and light, especially as a way to spice up an otherwise basic look.


Have you heard? Rose is the official color of the twenty-something set, adding lavender notes to the otherwise straightforward pink of years past. We think the shade looks fresh and youthful on almost everyone, especially ladies with lobs and bobs.


Like stripes, pencil skirts, and pearls, platinum hair never goes out of style. To update your basic ash, honey, or caramel blonde, ask your stylist to dip dye your ends platinum. Keeping the bright color in just one place will minimize haircare stresses.

Navy Blue

Oh, navy. You’re so underappreciated, particularly as a hair color. If you remember trying out cheap black box dye as a teenager, update your look with deep blue ends. If you’re not sure navy is for you, we love trying out the look with a peekaboo highlight before fully committing.

Lavender and Blue

Pairing both lavender and blue for a dip dye treatment is like an extremely toned down version of cotton candy hair (one made for adults with full-time jobs). Instead of spending all your time maintaining your hair, you’ll be able to enjoy just the ends.

Neon Pink, Blue, and Teal

Is lavender and blue just not enough whimsy for your tastes? Amp the color up with a blend of neon shades. Pink, blue, and teal look fabulous and bright together, but feel free to get creative with your color choices.


Sitting just at the edge between purple and pink, violet is the ideal hair color choice for those looking to try something a little more adventurous. It’s not quite neon hair, but it’s very close. Violet ends look particularly lovely on very dark hair.


Most women choose pastel shades for dip-dyed ends, but that’s not the only option available. We love to see hair color enthusiasts try out a dark shade like ruby red, proving that jewel tones are just as beautiful as their watercolor equivalents.


If you’re looking to stand out in any crowd and can’t get enough of the candy-inspired looks on social media, rainbow hair is a must-have. You may be sitting in your stylist’s chair for some time, but it’ll be worthwhile when you see onlookers’ jaws drop.


Here’s one for the fashion-forward girl. Instead of using dip dye as a way to achieve bright hair, try the technique as a way to go neutral. Silver or totally white ends look fantastic on any hair color, creating the illusion that your hair color is draining away. So cool, particularly if you’re a natural-born spotlight stealer.

Red and Green

We’re not joking and this hair color combo isn’t just for Christmas. We love the look of contrasting colors in a dip dye. Ask your stylist for half-head of each shade, then pull your hair into pigtails and appreciate how cool you feel.


Creamsicle-colored ends are gorgeous, particularly on redheads who have been itching to go lighter. Red hair that ends in a slightly darker or lighter shade will always look stunning, particularly when the entire head is either warm or cool-toned. Instead of feeling like you have limited options, ask your stylist to help you achieve fiery ends.


We’ve discussed the benefits of navy ends, but we also stand by cobalt. The vibrant blue brings goth-like drama to any hairstyle, particularly extra-long hair. For even more oomph, ask your stylist to ombre icy blue into the very ends of your locks.


Pink power, baby. This unmistakably loud shade makes quite the statement, and we love to see it on ladies of all skin tones. To keep magenta looking its best, avoid shampooing it for several days after your hair salon visit. When possible, make sure you’re only washing it in cool water.

Forest Green

We can’t quite figure it why, but green is criminally under-discussed when it comes to hair. We love the forest-like color on the ends of black hair for a good dose of witchy flair. Who says blondes have all the fun?

Palest Pink

The most stylish trend in hair color is barely wearing any color at all. On blonde or silver hair, only the palest pink is needed to make a difference. In order to make the most of your dip dye, we recommend you try this shade on extra-lengthy hair.


Who says you have to try a neon or pastel in order to take part in the dip dye trend? Lighten your locks and bring dimension to your color by opting for a honey shade on your ends.

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