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Denim Hair: Why We Love It And How To Get The Look

02 April 2018
photo of denim hair color

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

02 April 2018

As hair professionals, there isn’t a lot that’s new to us. From rainbow hair to glitter roots, the wildest trends land on our social media feeds and can fade out within days. When we actually see a shade that’s practical to wear, it’s more shocking than even the brightest neon color transformations. That’s why denim hair, the blue jeans-inspired look that’s been happening under the radar for some time, is one of our team’s favorites.

What we love about denim hair is its versatility: Just like your collection of jeans, this trendy look comes in many customizable iterations. Whether you’re looking for icy silver mixed with indigo or more of an allover acid wash shade, a skilled salon professional won’t have any trouble getting you hair that fits you like like your favorite skinny jeans.

photo of denim hair color

What is denim hair?

Let’s start with what denim hair is not: cotton candy hair, pastel blue, or any kind of bedazzled situation. The moniker refers to hair that’s a mix of silver, blonde, and blue in a range of styles and shades. From icy white blonde with cornflower balayage to charcoal roots that bleed into navy ends, there are endless ways to try the trend.

Trends often suit a limited range of skin tones or face shapes, but that’s not the case with denim hair. Thankfully, it can be tailored to fit any complexion. Make sure you’re visiting a colorist who has plenty of experience working with shades of blue and silver. Peruse their social media profiles to make sure they’re posting client photos that are similar to your dream color before committing to one artist.

photo of denim hair color

Is denim hair high maintenance?

Ah, the million dollar question. Trend shades are notorious for the time, expense, and effort they require, but we look at it as an investment. Either way, the maintenance level of your hair will depend on the final colors you choose. Keeping a bright silver base ash- and root-free will require quite a bit of effort, while a pale blue balayage over a naturally dark base means far more time between salon appointments. If maintenance and cost is a concern for you, be sure to bring it up with your colorist during your consultation so they can optimize your color for longer wear.

One crucial point to consider: To achieve the lightest blue and silver shades, your colorist will apply bleach to lift the color from your strands. While that process inevitably damages the hair, the right professional will work with you to customize a care routine that leaves your beloved mane looking and feeling beautiful.

If you’ve ever purchased designer jeans, you know they require special care (a shout out to anyone who’s ever popped raw denim in the freezer rather than wash it). As a result, they stay beautiful longer. The same goes for denim hair, which requires the aid of salon quality products designed to keep color brass-free. If it’s your first time caring for silver strands, invest in a product like Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo.

photo of denim hair color

How do you wear denim hair?

This is an easy question: Any way you want. We always prefer a structured cut with colorful hair, so microbangs and blunt bob are an excellent choice. If you’re desperate to hang on to as much length as you possibly can, a collarbone length lob will enable you to create more of an ethereal vibe.

If you choose to give denim hair a try, we want to see your baby blue mane. Use the hashtag #hairdotcom to tag us in your posts.

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