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13 Dark Hair Colors To Save Now And Try Later

13 August 2018
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Emily Arata

Senior Editor

13 August 2018

Are you paying close attention? If you stand very still, close your eyes, and breath deeply, you just might catch the first hints of fall in the air. Although the weather is sweltering still, color obsessives know that the best autumnal hair colors require planning. So why not start now?

When it comes to changing your hair color with the seasons, we like to lean into rich, molten shades that beautifully contrast the skin and add drama to your aesthetic. These favorite dark hair colors are guaranteed to jazz up your turtleneck sweaters and leather boots in the best way.

Ready to take some notes? You’ll want to talk to your stylist about these shades.

Chocolate And Honey

This flavor combination might make a quality dessert, but it also works beautifully in a hair color. Adding warm honey to a dark base is an excellent way to transition into fall hair shades without entirely giving up your blonde.


If you’re the kind of person who goes big when you visit the salon, espresso might be just the mood shift you’ve been hoping for. This classic, modern shade can be tailored to complement almost any complexion. Just ask your stylist!

Mushroom Brown

Call mushroom brown the dark horse hair color of 2018! This ashy neutral hue came out of nowhere and had captured the internet’s heart within weeks. It’s the perfect non-dramatic brunette transition color.

Rose Brown

If you succumbed to pastel pink hair maintenance several years ago, you’ll be relieved to know the newest addition to the rose family is much easier to care for. Rose brown is a flattering neutral brown with only the slightest pink leanings. Give Matrix Biolage R.A.W Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner a try to keep that pastel looking bright between salon appointments.

Mocha Brown

What better way to transition into fall than by channeling a classic wintery beverage? Mocha brown is so dark it’s practically reflective. To lighten it up, ask for a soft, natural-looking balayage.

Copper Brown

In between the worlds of brown and red lies one perfect compromise: copper brown. This unique shade will look beautiful on a wide variety of women and add a vacation vibe to your fall transition hair.

Sunkissed Brown

You spent as many weekends as possible roasting yourself at a beach for the last three months, so don’t sacrifice your natural light pieces without a fight. Your colorist should be able to recreate them with little highlights around the face and at the roots.

Shadow Hair

If you haven’t heard about shadow hair yet, prepare yourself. You’re going to see a lot of it in the coming months. Think of this look as just a touch of brightness at your ends, enabling your roots to grow in naturally without any pesky touch-ups.


When summer’s over, our cocktail of choice suddenly becomes red wine. We apply that same change of perspective to hair color. Only burgundy will do once the temperatures start to drop! If you have a dark skin tone, don’t miss out on this one.

Oil Slick Hair

What holographic hair is to blondes, oil slick hair is to brunettes. This fantasy color combination of reflective blues, purples, and reds can take brown hair from one note to utterly stunning. While oil slick hair will require significant time in the chair, it’s a perfect way to try a whimsical hair color without feeling like you may damage your hair health.


Think of auburn as the most unique, beautiful shade of red that will ever grace your follicles. If you’re comfortable wearing a deep brunette color, you should have no issue giving auburn a try. We’d even recommend gradually darkening it with each touch-up appointment.


This isn’t the temporary box dye purple you tried in middle school. Today’s eggplant hair color is sultry but still professional—and it certainly won’t bleed onto your sheets. If you’ve never had purple hair before, be sure to take the time for a thorough salon consultation to understand what the maintenance routine will entail.

Moody Pastels

Who says pastels have to be peppy? Buck the norm with this gem-inspired take on pastel ombre. The best part is that your stylist won’t have to touch your roots if you’re a natural brunette, which means less maintenance in the long run.

Interested in personalized advice about transitioning to dark hair colors? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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