Why You Should Try Dark Chocolate Hair Color This Spring

Dark Chocolate Is Spring’s Sweetest Hair Color Trend

photo of Jessie Amato
08 April 2019
woman with dark chocolate hair color
photo of Jessie Amato

Jessie Amato

Junior Beauty Editor

08 April 2019

If you’re constantly craving sweets, you probably get just as excited as us when your favorite treats inspire hair color trends. Between Snickers shake hair, iced caramel latte, and chilli chocolate, we’re constantly inspired by hues named after our favorite desserts and sugary beverages.

If you’re looking for a dessert-inspired shade to try for spring, a new brunette hair color trend is making the rounds on social media: dark chocolate hair. The glossy and dimensional hue is taking warm blonde’s place as the most desired spring hair color for 2019.

Interested in dark chocolate hair? Ryan Pearl, Redken brand ambassador, breaks down everything you need to know to make the dark brown hair color yours.


woman with dark chocolate hair color

What is dark chocolate hair?

As spring flowers begin to bloom, many people rush to the salon to brighten their strands in anticipation of warmer weather. This spring, however, some are opting for deep, low maintenance brunette hues like dark chocolate hair. Like its delectable namesake, dark chocolate hair is a rich, reflective deep brown shade.

As clients’ skin tones begin to brighten up in the spring and summer, the deep chocolate hair complements tan skin for a healthy glow in a different way versus the lightening we’re used to seeing at this time of year.

Dark chocolate hair looks best when it has some serious shine, so Pearl recommends asking your colorist for an in-salon gloss service.

“One of my favorite ways to get a richer tone on a client in the salon is with a Redken SEQ Gloss which gives you rich shine and reflection,” Pearl says.


woman with dark chocolate hair color

How do you care for dark chocolate hair?

According to Pearl, the maintenance of your dark chocolate hair depends on your natural hue and how deep of a color you want to achieve.

“Someone with lighter hair that’s looking to deepen multiple levels will have more upkeep than someone with darker hair to start,” Pearl says.

No matter which dark chocolate look you choose, Pearls always recommends the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your rich color from fading prematurely between salon appointments.

To maintain the shine of your freshly colored mane, we recommend a hair oil like the Redken Glow Dry Style Enhancing Blow-Dry Hair Oil. This protective blow dry hair oil provides hair shine, smoothness, and manageability, and can be used as a hair shine treatment.


woman with dark chocolate hair color

Who does dark chocolate hair work best for?

Dark chocolate hair is perfect for anyone looking to keep their spring hair maintenance routine nice and simple. Pearl also says the dimensional brunette can be tailored to complement any skin tone.

“This color can be used on just about anyone and can be tweaked for different skin tones to achieve the most natural look,” Pearl says.

Ready to try dark chocolate hair? We’d love to see your final look! Use the hashtag #HairDotCom to share your photos with us.

Interested in trying dark chocolate hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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