64 Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas For 2019 | Hair.com

woman with mushroom brown hair color

Mushroom Brown

Don’t be afraid of a little fungus! This chic brown shade has been on top of colorists’ most-beloved lists for several years because it’s so versatile. To make the most of your minimalist shade, pair mushroom brown hair with long, wavy hairstyles.

woman with ultraviolet hair color

Ultra Violet

Ensure your dark brown hair packs a bunch thanks to this purple-influenced play on moody color. Min Kim, L’Oréal Professionnel stylist, loves the color for those wanting to make a memorable entrance.

woman with cinnamon brown hair

Cinnamon Brown

We already love cinnamon on our oatmeal and in our coffee—so why not in our hair? Cinnamon brown hair is happening in a big way. Don’t let this spicy trend pass you by.

woman with metallic bronze hair

Metallic Bronze

Like the goddesses of ancient mythology, make bronze work for you. This multifaceted, totally rich shade is a fit for any season.

woman with nude brown hair color

Nude Brown

Send nudes—nude browns, that is. Undone is the new overdone in fashion, which means the best hair is the kind that doesn’t steal attention away from your face. Keep things casual with a nude brown ‘do.

woman with chili chocolate hair

Chili Chocolate

Spicy mama! Chili chocolate hair brings the heat.

woman with ash beige hair

Ash Beige

Keep it cool by trying ash beige hair color. The cooler the tone, the better your ultimate color will look.

woman with dirty brunette hair

Dirty Brunette

Live life on the edgy side with a color that blends blonde and brunette. The dirty brunette hair trend is an excellent way to hint at going blonde—without having to spend endless hours in the chair.


Charcoal Brown

Like to walk on the edge? We’ve got the perfect shade for you. Charcoal brown hair is a near-black shade that incorporates all the inky, ashy goodness you’ve ever wanted without dying your hair black. More nuance means better hair color.



Butter Babylights

Brighten up your dark brown hair with butter babylights, which are basically super subtle versions of standard highlights. The bright gold streaks will mimic natural sun-brightened pieces to make your complexion look even more tanned and summery.



Ashy Chocolate

Get in on the ash trend with a hair color that has a distinctive matte-looking finish to it. Ashy chocolate proves you don’t have to give up your vampy, dark hair color to give trends a try.



Ruby Brown

Shine like a precious stone with ruby brown hair, a red-tinged shade that adds just enough color to make you stand out without trading in your brunette status for redhead.



Sunny Brown

Level up your dark brown hair with the addition of copper and strawberry-colored accents that’ll look just like the golden hour and add a reflective, dimensional quality to your base shade.

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