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12 Gorgeous Dark Blue Hairstyles

28 August 2017
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Emily Arata

Senior Editor

28 August 2017

Feeling blue isn’t always a bad thing. Although the shade might make you think of moody days or cloudy weather, we’re big fans of dark blue on hair. Instead of making the leap to black, give navy a try.

Just the way navy blue denim goes with everything, dark blue hair is a jack-of-all-trades. In both cropped bobs and long, festival-ready manes, the shade makes a surprising statement. 

Like all vibrant shades, dark blue hair requires a little extra love to remain the way it looks when you first leave the salon. Color-protecting shampoo and conditioner are a must, as is a protectant spray for heat styling.

Ready to move to the dark blue side of things? Follow our lead with one of these looks.

Dark Blue and Sapphire Balayage

If you’ve been admiring the mermaid hair color trend but don’t want to fully commit, try sapphire balayage with a navy-blue base. Your inky roots will transition gradually into vibrant, jewel-like sapphire notes. 

This look is particularly beautiful on ladies with very pale skin, since the secondary shade keeps navy from overpowering their complexions.


Where are all the neon-loving ladies at? Navy blue may be fashionable, but cobalt blue is a rainbow hue that’s unforgettable. If you’ve been hunting for a punchy update to short hair, cobalt has you covered.

If you’re thinking of trying to get this color at home, make sure you’re starting with a blonde base. Otherwise, you’re in for a murky blue disaster—a far cry from the goddess shade you’re aiming to achieve.


Maybe it’s because we watched one too many action movies as children, but it always seems like spies and villains have the best hair. If “hacker genius” is the vibe you’re going for, we recommend giving blue-black dye a chance.

Interestingly, this hue works equally well on a variety of skin tones. We particularly love it on caramel and golden shades.

Pin-Straight Navy

Wearing navy hair is a power move. It’s sexy but understated, bringing an unexpected note to every outfit you wear. We particularly like the shade when it’s paired with a sleek, ultra-modern hair style.

It may remind you of the ‘00s, but pin-straight hair is back in a big way. Add in a nude lip, and you’re ready to take over the world. At the very least, you’ll look good doing it.

Mid-Length Denim

If you love your favorite jeans so much, why don’t you use them as color inspiration for your head? Like its name suggests, denim hair is all about using a mix of indigo and cool blonde to mimic the look of distressed jeans.

No matter your skin tone, there’s a denim ‘do that will look good on your skin. Like real denim, this hair color comes in dozens of different blue variations. Your stylist will be able to pick the one that’s best for you.

Mermaid Hair

Live like the aquamarine princess you’ve always wanted to be with mermaid hair, the blended gradient of teal and green that’s ruling social media. The bright, near-neon shades mimic a tropical bay. Why go on vacation, when you could channel those vibes every day?

To create a look with more depth, we like to see dark blue roots that transition gradually into brighter hues. This style is best on medium-length and long hair.

Gray-Blue Lob

Nothing makes our hair-obsessed hearts beat faster than a well-designed gray ombre. In this style, moody dark blue roots become silvery gray ends. Instead of old lady hair, you’re left with a chic, short ‘do that’s ideal for winter or fall.

To make the most of this style, make sure the transition between your two shades is a smooth as possible. Your stylist should start the secondary color just around eye height.

Dark Blue with Turquoise Ombre

Do you like the look of mermaid hair, but not the wide range of colors included in it? Simplify the style with blue to turquoise ombre. You’ll have all the vibrancy—the cobalt notes, as well as the turquoise ends—without totally playing second fiddle to your hair color.

When you choose this look, you’re signing up for hair color that requires a regular maintenance routine. Make sure you’ve fully broken it down with your hairstylist before leaving the chair.

Geode Hair

Believe it or not, there’s a way to dye your hair blue that’s subtle. Geode hair, which starts with a deep brunette base, takes its inspiration from glittering, crystalline rock. What starts as dark brown transforms into violet and dark blue.

We love this look on lobs and shag cuts, using the color to show off the movement of the layers.  Why dye your hair a dramatic color if you can’t even play around with it?

Peekaboo Blue

Although many hair enthusiasts are full-time creatives, the rest of us still have a dress code to fit into. If that’s the case, blue hair may not be welcome in your office.  

Instead of going full-on teal, choose a peekaboo streak of dark blue. In bright blonde or dark hair, the shade will sit underneath the top layer. When you choose to make a statement, all you need to do its pull your hair back.

Periwinkle with Dark Blue Dip-Dye

When it comes to playing with blue hair, we love the look of several shades layered on top of each other. This technique comes into play with dip dye. Instead of starting with the darkest shade at the roots, we’re mixing up.

To mimic this look, ask your stylist for pastel lilac, periwinkle, or violet hair that abruptly becomes dark blue. The resulting style is edgy and chic—just like you.

Extra-Long Dark Blue

If you’re a babe who’s capable of growing her hair down to the waist (or even longer), we salute you. While it may require a serious amount of brushing, a super long mane is ultra-feminine and lovely.

To take the look a little edgier, dye the whole head a deep, rich blue that’s almost black. It’s all the drama of black hair, but a shade that’s a little more fashion forward.

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