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4 Reasons To Color Your Hair Black Now

08 January 2018
photo of woman with short black bob

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

08 January 2018

In a world of cotton candy pastels and icy blondes, there’s one shade of hair we rarely see represented. Jet black hair color is underrated, perhaps because the intensity of its pigment can frighten off color newbies.

Whatever the case, we’re officially calling 2018 as the year of black hair. In the hands of an expert colorist, this smoky, mysterious color can add serious punch to your look. We’d even pair it with subtle accent highlights for added depth.

Still searching for ways to justify such a dramatic switch? We’ve got plenty of reasons black hair dye is worth trying out.

photo of woman with black hair

Minimize damage.

If you’ve previously tried blonde, red, or a fantasy shade, you’re well aware of the hours spent in the chair and the damage bleach can cause to your strands. Unlike blonde, inky black hair can be created using deposit-only formulas. That means no damage and no added problems.

Sound too good to be true? There’s a catch. Because it’s so bold, black hair color has a tendency to fade prematurely. With the right combination of products (color depositing shampoo is a must) and a regular touchup schedule, you should be able to enjoy your raven mane with minimal effort.

photo of woman with black hair

Stay seasonally appropriate.

Like white pants after Labor Day, the issue of seasonal hair is hotly debated. Some brunettes would never skip their highlighting session come May, while others don’t think the month of the year should be able to hamper creative genius. If you are a proponent of changing your color when the temperature drops, however, black is the best way to go.

Black hair is a showstopper, particularly when you’re the palest you’ll get all year. Use that contrast for an edgy moment. It’ll give your strands a chance to heal and take you out of your comfort zone at the same time.

photo of woman with black hair

Embrace your dark side.

It’s no secret that there’s a stereotype that accompanies every hair color—blondes are ditzy, redheads are feisty, and so on. Whatever your hair color, trying a new shade is a chance to embrace a different side of your personality.

Rather than just deciding on hair color, take the opportunity to really rethink what your cut is saying about you. Is this your moment to try a blunt bob? Curtain bangs? The opportunities are endless, but it’s up to you to take that final leap of faith.

photo of woman with black hair

Get creative.

Walking out of the salon with a fresh color is exciting because it enables you to look at your wardrobe and makeup routine with fresh eyes. It may be that your go-to work sweater doesn’t look quite as lovely against your new shade. On the other hand, you might find that the eyeshadow palette you haven’t used for six months is suddenly the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

Embrace the rush of creativity that comes with your new ‘do, using the time to spring clean your closet. Instead of feeling trapped by the same old clothing, you’ll get the chance to refresh your look. Plus, you may be surprised to find that a whole new set of colors is flattering against those black locks.

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