The Best Hair Colors For Hazel Eyes

The 9 Best Hair Colors For Hazel Eyes, According To An Expert

photo of Jessie Amato
12 March 2019
hair colors for hazel eyes
photo of Jessie Amato

Jessie Amato

Junior Beauty Editor

12 March 2019

If you’re blessed with hazel eyes, you’re in luck! It doesn’t take much more than bronze eyeshadow and a quick coat of mascara to make your dazzling eyes pop. However, choosing a hair color that perfectly complements your skin tone as well as the flecks of gold, green, and brown in your eyes can be a bit tricky.

We teamed up with Alii Wray, Matrix artistic educator, to bring you the ultimate guide to hair colors for hazel eyes. Whether you’re looking to keep it simple with dark brown hair or try daring red hair, these are the nine shades you’ll want to ask your colorist about.

The Best Hair Colors For Pale Skin And Hazel Eyes

Warm blonde hair for hazel eyes

Warm Blonde

Fair-skinned ladies—it’s time to leave cool-toned hair colors behind and add a bit of sunshine to your mane. If you’re searching for the perfect blonde hair color to flatter hazel eyes, Wray suggests warm-toned shades like honey blonde, butterscotch, and cream blonde. The warm glow from your hair will help bring out the green and gold tones in your hazel eyes.

Since lighter skin typically has less concentrated amounts of melanin, you can add a lot of warmth without worrying about looking washed out.

New to blonde hair? It’s essential to care for your newly lightened mane with salon-quality products. Start out by swapping your regular shampoo and conditioner for a system designed to benefit color-treated hair like the Biolage R.A.W Color Care. Formulated with coconut milk and meadowfoam, the shampoo and conditioner help protect color-treated hair, leaving it soft and shiny with lasting color vibrancy.

If you’re transitioning from dark hair to blonde, your colorist will need to use bleach to lift your color. Bleach will always cause damage, but with the help of your stylist and an at-home hair treatment like the Redken All Soft Mega Hydramelt, you can help to improve the look and feel of your strands.

copper hair for hazel eyes


Red and green are a color match made in heaven—and we’re not talking Christmas decorations. For fair skin, a warm red hue like copper hair will instantly bring out the green in your hazel eyes.

“Red and green are contrasting colors so they work really well with one another,” Wray explains. “This will make the eyes the focal point because the two colors are able to stand next to one another, but the warm hair color won’t overpower or take away from the eyes.”

Cherry red for hazel eyes

Cherry Red

When it comes to red hair colors and hazel eyes, the bolder you go, the better! Wray loves the look of bright red hair paired with fair skin and hazel eyes. If you’re up for the challenge, this bright cherry hue packs a serious punch!

The Best Hair Colors For Medium Skin And Hazel Eyes

Dark brown hair for hazel eyes

Dark Brown

For those with naturally dark brown hair and medium skin tones, Wray has some advice to share: Don’t change a thing!

“Keeping the color around the face predominately darker will help accentuate the eyes,” Wray says.

If you want to make a change, keep it simple. Ask your colorist to apply chocolate brown highlights or lowlights throughout your mane. This will keep your overall hue dark while adding dimension and movement.

Bronde hair for hazel eyes


Looking to go lighter while staying true to your dark roots?  hair allows you to experiment with both ends of the color spectrum—plus, the golden blonde tones can make your hazel eyes instantly look brighter.

To prevent your face-framing strands from becoming too bright, ask your colorist for a bronde balayage or ombre.

Cranberry hair for hazel eyes


Since medium skin tones already have a lot of warmth, Wray suggests avoiding bright red shades. Instead, opt for a cool-toned hue like cranberry hair if you want to test out a wild hair color.

The Best Hair Colors For Dark Skin And Hazel Eyes

Caramel highlights for hazel eyes

Caramel Highlights

You can never go wrong with caramel highlights and deep skin tones. Wray loves adding caramel highlights to instantly draw attention to hazel eyes.

“For clients that have darker skin tones, adding brightness around the face will create light that reflects off of the eyes, giving them a brighter appearance,” Wray says. “This will also add depth and dimension to the hair.”

If committing to a full head of highlights sounds like a full-time job, Wray recommends asking your colorist for a money piece or strobing highlights to add a subtle pop of color around your face.

Violet hair for hazel eyes


If you’re looking to keep things vibrant but cool, Wray recommends giving violet hair color a go.

“Cooler, dark hair colors such as burgundy or deep violet will both help to draw attention to hazel eyes without washing you out,” Wray says.

Keep in mind that although violet hair is gorgeous, the shade is not for the faint of heart. If you decide to commit to violet, your colorist can help you develop a touch-up schedule and hair care routine that best fits your needs.

Burgundy hair for hazel eyes


Burgundy hair might appear bold on lighter skin tones, but the deep red shade looks almost neutral against dark skin. If you’re looking for a fiery hair color that makes hazel eyes pop, burgundy might be the one for you!

No matter what hair color you decide to pair with hazel eyes, we want to see your final look! Use the hashtag #HairDotCom to share your photos with us.

Interested in more expert tips? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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