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From A To Z: The Ultimate Wig And Extension Glossary

Jelani Addams Rosa
10 September 2018
photo of hair extensions ultimate wig and extension glossary
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

10 September 2018

Wigs and hair extensions have absolutely taken over the hair industry over the last few years. It seems everywhere you look, everyone from your favorite celebrities to your best friend is slaying a wig or hair extensions. While wigs and hair extensions are nothing new, their recent popularity makes them more mainstream than ever before, and chances are good you’ve begun to hear terms about the hairpieces you’ve never heard before. Not sure what a bundle is? Confused by words like lace front, double drawn, and remy? Not to worry—we’ve got you covered.

We’ve teamed up with Stephanie Nolan, the former model turned CEO and owner of XOXO Virgin Hair, to create the ultimate wig and hair extension glossary.



“A bundle is a pack of hair extensions, usually weighing anywhere from three to four ounces.”


“A closure is an area of lace with ventilated individual human hair strands used to create a realistic scalp look.”

Double Drawn

“Double drawn refers to the process of hackling single drawn hair to remove shorter hair to create a fuller bundle of hair.”



“Extensions are clipped, glued, or threaded wefted portions of hair that are adhered to natural hair.”


“A frontal is a large, ear to ear area of lace used to mimic an entire hairline.”

Hair Cuticle

“The hair cuticle consists of overlapped cells that help eliminate tangling when kept aligned and intact.”

Halo Extensions

“Halo extensions are human hair attached to wire that rests around the crown of a head.”



Human Hair

“Human hair is a natural material used to craft extensions and wigs.”

Human Hair Blend

“A human hair blend is a hybrid of human hair and synthetic hair, making it a cheaper alternative to virgin hair.”

Lace Front

“A lace front is the area of the wig that requires hair to be ventilated for a realistic look when placed on the hairline.”



Raw Hair

“Raw hair is unprocessed hair that has not been manipulated by chemicals or steam.”


“Remy means that the hair cuticles are intact and are one directional to prevent tangling and matting.”

Shake and Go

“A shake and go is synthetic wig that has an ‘instant style’ that you can wear in minutes.”

Synthetic Hair

“Synthetic hair strands are made of spun acrylic fibers on high heat to mimic the look of of human hair.”

Virgin Hair

“Virgin hair is unprocessed hair collected from donors.”




“A weave is a hairstyle using wefted hair sewn onto cornrows to increase thickness and/or length of hair.”


“A weft is when a thread is intricately sewn around bulk hair to create a bundle of hair.”

Wig Cap

“A wig cap is a light breathable barrier used to keep your wig secure on your head to prevent shifting, as well as tucking away your natural hair.”

Wig Clips

“Wig clips are small comb attachments that are sewn inside of a wig to ensure a secure fit.”

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