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Eco Chic: The 10 Best Shampoo Bars To Try Right Now

photo of Jessie Amato
16 January 2019
shampoo bars
photo of Jessie Amato

Jessie Amato

Junior Beauty Editor

16 January 2019

For travel and beauty junkies alike, the thought of leaving all of your beloved hair products behind while you’re vacationing can be absolutely daunting. While you’d love to squeeze your favorite shampoos, leave-ins, and stylers into your carry-on, the reality is that you just can’t take everything. In 2019, we want our beauty products to be effective and travel-friendly.

When you’re packing for your next getaway, consider leaving your clunky shampoo bottle behind and opt for a shampoo bar instead. They’re all-natural shampoos in solid form that look exactly like regular bar soap. The compact formula makes them easy to store—not to mention the fact that they can outlast many liquid shampoos.

Ready to give shampoo bars a try? Below, we’ve rounded up the 10 best formulas you need to know about now.

shampoo bars

Lush Avocado Co-Wash

Saving time means everything to girls on the go, which is why we rely on two-in-one formulas to get multiple jobs done at once. If you’re interested in an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner, we love the Lush Avocado Co-Wash. Formulated with avocado, cocoa butter, and apple cider vinegar, this dynamic duo will leave your hair looking and feeling moisturized, shiny and frizz-free.

Lush Avocado Co-Wash, $15.95 MSRP

Lush Braziliant Shampoo Bar

Looking for the perfect formula to tame your curly mane? The Lush Brazilliant Shampoo Bar is meant to leave thick, unruly curls feeling hydrated. It’s formulated with orange oil, leaving your strands with a sweet citrusy scent.

Lush Brazilliant Shampoo Bar, $11.95 MSRP


Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar

If you rely on volumizing shampoos to give your flat hair some height, you’ll love the Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar. This sea salt-infused bar is sure to leave your mane with volume and shine that lasts all day.

Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar, $11.95 MSRP


shampoo bars

Ethique Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar

Dealing with a sensitive scalp? The Ethique Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar combines ingredients like kiwifruit oil, coconut oil, neem oil, oatmeal, and karanja oil, great for those with dry or itchy scalps.

Ethique Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar, $15.50 MSRP


Ethique Sweet & Spicy Volumising Shampoo Bar

Sugar, spice, and everything nice—this formula has it all! Infused with orange, cinnamon, ginger, and salt, this bar gives hair volume while also leaving it soft to the touch.

Ethique Sweet & Spicy Volumising Shampoo Bar, $15.50 MSRP

shampoo bars

Ethique Tip-To-Toe Shampoo And Shaving Bar

The Tip-to-Toe bar from Ethique is a convenient way to take your entire shower routine on the go!

Ethique Tip-to-Toe Shampoo And Shaving Bar, $15.50 MSRP


Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar

If you’re headed to a wintery vacation destination, harsh winds and cold weather may leave your strands feeling drier than usual. The Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar is the perfect choice for hydrating super-dry hair.

Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar, $22.00 MSRP


Basin Hey Blondie Shampoo Bar

It’s no secret that salon blonde requires a lot of TLC, so you’re going to want a shampoo bar specially formulated to care for your color-treated strands. With ingredients like lemon, coconut, and marigold, the Hey Blondie Shampoo Bar is an excellent option for maintaining the vibrancy of any blonde hue.

Basin Hey Blondie Shampoo Bar, $8.99 MSRP

shampoo bars

Basin Fan Favorites Shampoo Bar Hair Care Barrel

With all of the options on the market, deciding which formula to try first can be challenging. Why not get your hands on an entire set? The Basin Shampoo Bar Hair Care Barrel includes four of the brand’s top-rated shampoo bar formulas meant to conquer dry, damaged, and static hair.

Basin Fan Favorites Shampoo Bar Hair Care Barrel, $29.99 MSRP


Beauty And The Bees Tasmanian Apple Cider Hair Tonic Shampoo Bar

Apple cider vinegar is best known for its clarifying benefits and helping to restore the pH balance of your hair and scalp. If you’re experiencing major product buildup, pick up a shampoo bar like the Tasmanian Apple Cider hair Tonic Shampoo Bar from Beauty And The Bees.

Beauty And The Bees Tasmanian Apple Cider Hair Tonic Shampoo Bar, $12.50 MSRP

Interested in more personalized hair care advice? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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