The Post-Summer Hair Care Routine You Need

The Post-Summer Hair Care Routine To Get Your Hair Back In Shape

Jelani Addams Rosa
11 September 2018
photo of woman with beautiful hair post summer hair care routine
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

11 September 2018

As the temperature begins to drop and we pack away our summer dresses and swimsuits, our wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs a post-summer upgrade. After months of heat styling, swimming in pools and oceans, and exposure to the sun’s UV rays, your hair care routine needs a major overhaul. Whether you've been considering dark brown hair ideas or colorful hair, your mane needs to be healthy before moving forward.

If your strands are feeling a little worse for the wear after all of the fun in the sun, we’ve got the perfect post-summer hair care routine to get your locks back in tiptop shape.

Get your hair squeaky clean.

Between your countless trips to the beach and pool, we’re sure you washed your hair plenty of times. The best thing you can do for your hair when starting a new hair care routine, however, is to begin with a clean slate. If you really want to give your strands a fresh start as they transition from summer to fall, you’ll want to give some special attention to your scalp.
Before shampooing the summer grime away, we suggest treating your scalp to an exfoliating treatment like Mizani’s Scalp Care Exfoliating Pre-Treatment. Infused with salicylic acid, aloe, avocado oil, and eucalyptus oil, the treatment is formulated to help lift and remove excess buildup from the scalp before you shampoo. After exfoliating your scalp, you’ll still need to remove any buildup from the rest of your strands—that’s where a clarifying shampoo comes in. A clarifying shampoo like Redken’s Clean Maniac Micellar Clean-Touch Shampoo is formulated to gently wash away pollution, daily grit, styling buildup, and excess sebum for a clean feeling with respect for the hair.

Switch up your shampoo and conditioner.

An exfoliating treatment and clarifying shampoo are a great way to refresh your hair after the wear and tear of summer, but the combination can be too powerful to use daily. If you feel like your strands are still recovering all of the heat styling, harmful UV rays, and chlorine, swap out your regular shampoo and conditioner for Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Reset system. The shampoo and conditioner system is formulated for very damaged hair to help gently removes impurities, strengthen, and provide intense care without weighing hair down.

Add a hair treatment to your routine.

Switching up your shampoo is a good start, but considering adding a treatment to your weekly routine if you really want to get your strands back in shape,. There are countless hair treatments and masks on the market formulated to deal with a whole host of issues. If you’re not sure where to start, try one of these treatments to deal with the four most common post-summer hair woes.

 If you’re dealing with breakage: Kérastase Resistance Masque Extensioniste.

The length strengthening mask formulated for hair seeking healthy length. Strengthens and fortifies to reduce breakage.

 If you’re dealing with frizz: Redken Frizz Dismiss Mask.

The smoothing mask is formulated with Redken’s exclusive frizz-fighting Humidity-Resistant Complex.

If you’re dealing with parched locks: Mizani Intense Moisture Replenish Treatment.

Revitalize and intensify hair for touchable texture with the paraben free, silicone free formula.

If you’re dealing with fading color: Redken Color Extend Vinegar Rinse.

The formula rebalances hair's pH and gently clarifies for enhanced brightness, smoothness and shine.

Lay off the heat styling.

If you love to heat style your hair, chances are good you’re pretty faithful to your heat protectant. While heat protecting products are great at minimizing some of the damage associated with heat styling, the best thing you can do for hair that is heat styled regularly is to give it a break. If the thought or styling your hair without your blow dryer is giving you major anxiety, we’ve got just the hair product for you: air dry products. Air dry products are formulated to speed up air drying time and perfectly style your hair, all without the help of your beloved hair tools. Don’t believe us? Try them out for yourself.

If you have straight hair: Matrix Air Dry Chill Boho Smoothing Cream.

The formula smoothes the hair for a lightweight, frizz-controlled finish. No heat needed, no fuss, no flyaways.

If you have wavy hair: Matrix Wild Boho Texturizing Air Dry Cream.

The formula texturizes and enhances the natural shape of hair for an effortless, tousled look. No heat needed, no fuss, all the texture.

If you have curly hair try: Matrix Twisted Boho Curl Defining Air Dry Cream.

The formula defines curls for a frizz-controlled finish. No heat needed, no fuss, all the definition.

Interested in personalized advice about wigs and hair extensions? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.


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