Kérastase Homelab Is The At-Home Treatment You Need For Every Hair Concern

How To Pick The Perfect At-Home Treatment For Your Hair

Jelani Addams Rosa
01 August 2018
photo of woman using hair treatment
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

01 August 2018

If you’re a regular at your hair salon, chances are good you’re no stranger to in-salon hair treatments. From services meant to make your hair look and feel smoother to those intended to target frizz, the right in-salon treatment can make your hair look and feel better than it ever has before. As much as we like in-salon treatments, however, we’d love to achieve the same flawless locks at home. That’s where Kérastase Fusio-Dose Homelab comes in.

Kérastase Homelab is a customized at-home hair treatment service formulated to address some of your most significant hair concerns. Not sure how to pick the perfect at-home treatment for you? Fear not. Carly Quist, a Kérastase partner and stylist, is breaking down everything you need to know about Kérastase Homelab.

What hair woes can Kérastase Homelab treat?

The best thing about Kérastase Homelab is that it treats a variety of hair woes—which mean there’s a perfect treatment for every head of hair.

Homelab treats a wide range of hair care needs including nourishment, strength, smoothing, lack of density, and radiance...There are up to 20 different combinations you can create that can be customized to each client’s hair type and texture.

Carly Quist Kérastase Artist

Each Homelab contains four concentrates to address primary hair concerns and four boosters to help with secondary hair concerns.

How does a stylist determine which treatment is best for each client to take home?

While Homelab is meant to be used at home, it’s not a hair treatment you can pick up at your local beauty store. You’ll need to make an appointment at your nearest Kérastase salon so that a licensed and trained stylist can carry out a full diagnosis of your hair and scalp to determine your mane’s primary and secondary needs.

“During the diagnosis, I get to know everything about my client’s hair profile—from their everyday hair routine to their main concerns as well as examining their hair condition. Once I have taken everything into account, I can decide on a personalized treatment for them to take home,” Quist says. “Everyone’s hair needs change from time to time, so my clients receive a diagnosis each time.”

What is the right way to apply a Homelab treatment?

You’ll want to begin with freshly cleaned and towel-dried hair. Taking one of the concentrates and one of the boosters your stylist customized for you, mix them, shake well, and attach the spray nozzle.

Section off your hair into three or four sections and, working with one portion at a time, spray the treatment onto the mid-shaft and ends of your hair. Use your hands to work the treatment through your hair to ensure your locks are completely saturated. Continue applying the treatment to your hair section by section until you’ve completed your entire head. Allow the treatment to sit in your hair for five minutes before thoroughly rinsing your mane with cool water.

“The client should start seeing and feeling the results instantly,” Quist says.

How often should someone use an at-home treatments?

Just like the treatments themselves are customized to your specific hair needs, how often you need an at-home treatment depends on your hair.

“The treatments can be done anywhere from every couple of weeks to every month, depending on the intensity of the hair concerns. It can also vary depending on a couple of different factors, for example—how often you wash your hair, change of environment, going away on holiday, being in the sun and the sea, thermal styling, and so on. That should be determined by the stylist in the diagnosis,” the stylist explains.

How well you take care of your hair in between treatments also plays a role in how often you should administer an at-home treatment. It is essential to maintain the health of your hair with the proper shampoo, conditioner, and styling product routine. You and your stylist will work together to determine the best product picks for your hair to help you enjoy the full benefits of your treatment.

How often should someone head back to the salon for a treatment?

At-home treatments are great, but they’re no substitute for an actual visit to the salon. While at-home treatments may help you elongate your time in between salon appointments, it is vital to maintain your regular haircut schedule to keep your hair looking and feeling as healthy as possible.

Interested in a customized at-home hair treatment formula? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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