IGK Blocked Is The Hair Protectant You Need This Summer

This Water-Resistant Wax Is Basically An Invisible Swim Cap For Your Hair

Jelani Addams Rosa
12 July 2018
woman on watermelon float in a pool
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

12 July 2018

Summer is finally here and we plan to spend every free moment we have at the beach and pool. To make sure we’re ready to hit the water at a moments notice, we’ve stocked our closets with all of the summer essentials: adorable bathing suits, waterproof makeup, and sunblock. The only thing missing is something to help guard our strands against damaging chlorine, salt water, and UV rays—that’s where IGK Blocked Water-Resistant Hair Shield comes in.

Back in elementary school, we protected our precious locks with a swim cap but—let’s be honest—we wouldn’t be caught dead in a swim cap now. Hair is can be fragile when it’s wet, leaving it prone to breakage. Couple wet strands with the potential damaging effects of chlorine, salt water, and the sun’s powerful rays, you have a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, that means every time we get into the pool or ocean we risk getting out with green, dry, brittle strands.

We love summer activities, but we love healthy hair even more. Lucky for us, the geniuses over at IGK Hair have come up with the perfect solution: A water-resistant hair product that acts as an invisible swim cap to protect your strands from the elements.

IGK Blocked Water-Resistant Hair Shield seals the hair cuticle and acts as a barrier between your hair and salt water, chlorine, sweat, and UV rays. Inspired by waterproof mascara, IGK Blocked Water-Resistant Hair Shield is formulated with a blend of water-resistant natural waxes and balm mint extract to help protect the hair, prevent damage, and help prevent your color from fading.

IGK Blocked Water-Resistant Hair Shield can be used on wet or dry hair but should be applied before you apply your styling products. IGK Hair recommends starting with a small amount of product and add more as needed until you’ve coated every strand of hair. After you’ve applied the product to your locks, comb your hair from your hairline through your ends to ensure it’s evenly distributed.

You can also use IGK Blocked Water-Resistant Hair Shield to create a sexy, wet look. This classic style looks great with a center part, side part, or slicked straight back. Begin with freshly washed hair or wet your hair with a spray bottle. Once your hair is saturated (but not soaking wet), work IGK’s Blocked Water-Resistant Hair Shield through your hair. Allow your hair to dry before walking out of the door, and it’ll look chic all day long.

If you were counting on the ocean water to give you flawless beach waves, fear not! Flawless beach waves are still attainable, without any of the potentially damaging effects of salt water. Pureology’s Beach Waves Sugar Spray creates beachy, tousled waves and is formulated with Pureology’s exclusive AntiFade Complex. The AntiFade Complex features Heliogenol, an antioxidant extracted from sunflower as well as other ingredients to protect your hair from the sun’s harsh rays. Simply spritz the product onto dry or damp hair and scrunch in an upwards motion. The product is.

Interested in a customized summer hair care routine? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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