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These '90s Hair Treatments Are Making A Comeback—And For Good Reason

Jelani Addams Rosa
31 August 2018
photo of hot oil treatment for hair
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

31 August 2018

Long before coconut oil was considered the Holy Grail of hair care, the beauty industry was already totally obsessed with using oil for hair. Back in the ‘90s, hot oil treatments were all the rage when it came to healthy hair care. Whether you headed into the salon for a professional treatment or picked up an at-home hot oil treatment to apply in the shower, anyone who cared about how their hair looked and felt opted for a hot oil treatment for their hair.

As innovations in the beauty industry introduced new ingredients and treatments to the world of healthy hair care, hot oil treatments were no longer as popular as they once were. As they say, however, trends are cyclical and what was once popular will become popular again—and hot oil treatments are no different.

As oil-based products begin to re-saturate the market, hot oil treatments are once again front and center as one of the most popular treatments available. Wondering if a hot oil treatment is right for you? Ashley Lee, a Mizani brand ambassador and stylist, is breaking down everything you need to know about hot oil treatments.

What is a hot oil treatment?

A hot oil treatment is when a stylist or someone at home heats up a natural oil or salon oil blend and applies it to their hair for a period of time. While oils are used in hair product formulas to accomplish several different things, hot oil treatments are solely used to make dry hair look and feel soft.

A hot oil treatment is a service designed to replenish natural oils in the hair, combat dryness, moisturize the scalp and fortify the strand...In utilizing hot oil treatments, clients can expect to see their hair become nourished from the inside-out. By deep treating with oils, hair can regain its luster, regain elasticity, and seal in more moisture.

Ashley Lee Mizani Artist

While hot oil treatments aren’t exactly new, Lee believes our newfound interest in finding naturally-inspired solutions is what has fueled the resurgence.

“I think that clients are looking for more natural solutions to healthy hair, and the idea of oils seems more pure, hence the excitement.”

Who are hot oil treatments ideal for?

The primary purpose of a hot oil treatment is to make dry strands look and feel soft and moisturized, which is why hot oil treatments are ideal for anyone with parched strands.

“Higher curl types [types five through eight] can benefit from this treatment in moderation. Clients with chemically processed hair can also see great improvements from the administering of hot oil sessions,” Lee says.

Who should avoid hot oil treatments?

If you have the opposite problem and your locks are oily instead of dry, a hot oil treatment is probably not right for you.

“Clients prone to oily scalp, with fine hair or hair that lacks volume, may want to steer clear from hot oil treatments. Such clients can experience a range of undesirable results, from overly greasy hair and scalp to flat, lifeless hair,” Lee explains.

What is your favorite hot oil treatment?

If you’re looking to give yourself an at-home hot oil treatment, Lee recommends using Mizani’s newest hair oil, 25 Miracle Oil which boasts 25 hair beautifying benefits.

“Although it’s new to Mizani’s portfolio, it’s a great addition for lightweight results,” Lee says.

Interested in personalized advice about which treatment is best for you? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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