The Hair Treatment This Healthy Living Blogger Swears By

How A Healthy Living Food Blogger Takes Care Of Her Hair

15 January 2018
photo of blogger Kate Van Horn

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

15 January 2018

There’s a lot of talk these days about getting in touch with your body and practicing self care. This comes in many forms, but most often by way of some sort of physical exercise and regular meals packed with food that actually fuels your body. Going green is one thing, but staying that way? It requires certain nerves of steel, such as the ones that belong to balanced living blogger and Pureology Brand Ambassador, Kate Van Horn.

Van Horn, who runs the balanced living blog, She Be Kale In It, rounds out her love of yoga and greens with hair treatments that are just as wholesome as the other aspects of her life. We sat her down to discuss the ways she nourishes her mane as well as her body.

photo of Pureology ambassador Kate Van Horn Your brand is all about how food can make you a healthier, happier person. How does this philosophy extend to your hair?

KVH: I love that the beauty industry is starting to incorporate healthy ingredients [like avocado oil and coconut oil] into more products. I have found so much peace with my body and more balance in my life since I started prioritizing my health and making better choices with my food, how I move my body through exercise, et cetera.

It makes sense to extend this philosophy to my hair and other routines. It's a form of self care, and I love that the Pureology Superfood Treatment is not only nourishing to my hair, but gives me that sense of self care—a few minutes to pamper myself! Talk to us about your hair. What is your regular routine like, especially since you’re photographed so frequently?

KVH: Naturally my hair is pin straight and fine, which makes it so hard to hold volume or a curl. It's also colored, so I love that all Pureology products are color-safe.

I try to be very mindful of how often I use heat so that I can protect my hair as much as possible and prevent it from breaking or the color from dulling. I use the Hydrate Air Dry Cream often and have found it leaves my hair looking selfie ready.

photo of Pureology Superfood hair product How do you incorporate the Superfood Treatment into your hair routine?

KVH: Because food and nutrition are important to me, finding a hair care product that values the power of these incredible ingredients is awesome.

I usually incorporate the Superfood Treatments into my haircare routine at least once a week, but since the seasons have changed, I’ve upped it to two times per week. Have you noticed any differences in your hair since incorporating the treatment into your beauty routine?

KVH: I have always had very fine hair that is prone to breakage. Using the Strength Cure Superfood Treatment with the Hydrate Sheer Shampoo and Conditioner have given my hair the perfect balance of strong strands that are hydrated but never heavy.

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