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Editor's Pick: Biolage Fresh Recipes

photo of Jessie Amato
28 May 2019
biolage fresh recipes treatment review
photo of Jessie Amato

Jessie Amato

Junior Beauty Editor

28 May 2019

For someone who writes about hair for a living, my daily hair care routine is as simple as it can be. Even though I have a variety of shampoos, hairsprays, and serums lined up across my vanity, my daily routine rarely strays from using an air-dry cream and leave-in conditioner. If there’s one hair product I love to treat my frizzy, ash blonde hair to every now and then, however, it’s a hair mask. As a editor, I’m constantly surrounded by hair masks and when a new one shows up at my office I never miss an opportunity to take it home and give it a whirl.

At-home hair masks were my go-to for years—that is, until I got the opportunity to try Biolage’s Fresh Recipes salon service. A hair mask formula specially made for my hair? I was immediately intrigued.

You see, the Biolage Fresh Recipes isn’t just any hair mask. Think of it as almost like a hair “diagnosis.” After filling your stylist in on all there is to know about your mane, they’ll whip up two unique formulas—one for cleansing and one for conditioning—consisting of a base, mix-in ingredients, and an oil fragrance to help conquer your hair concerns. 

The Biolage Fresh Recipes Consultation

Wondering how Biolage Fresh Recipes work? Here’s how my appointment at the J. Christopher Salon in New York, New York went down. The morning of my hair treatment (a gift of the brand), I walked through the doors of the salon and was immediately greeted by Nick Stenson, Matrix artistic director. I sat in the chair and Stenson consulted with me about my hair—think of it as almost like a hair “diagnosis.”

I explained to Stenson that my naturally wavy, fine hair has a seemingly endless amount of frizz and that all of the anti-frizz shampoos and serums in the world can’t seem to get rid of it. I also expressed that my strands can sometimes feel a bit dry—likely due to touching up my salon blonde every few weeks.


The Process

After giving Stenson the 411 on my mane, he immediately began creating my Fresh Recipes mask. For my cleansing formula, he mixed Biolage’s cleansing juice (the base cleansing agent of their Fresh Recipes formulas), glycerin spread smoothing cream, jojoba essence for softening, and coconut syrup for strength and repair into a bowl. There are three delightful fragrance oils to choose from including, so I decided on the ginger root.

Then, Stenson created the conditioning formula with Biolage’s treatment milk (the brand’s Fresh Recipes conditioning agent), coconut syrup, and more ginger root for fragrance). After detangling my strands, I moved over to the sink where the cleansing and conditioning formulas were lathered on to my hair and rinsed out back-to-back.

The Results

I moved back to the chair, and Stenson asked me if I wanted my hair styled smooth or curled. Since I typically wear my natural wavy texture, I decided on a sleek blowout with a slight wave to switch things up.

To create the smooth texture I asked for, Stenson applied a dime-size amount of the Biolage R.A.W Smoothing Styling Milk throughout the mid-lengths to ends of my hair before blow drying my mane in sections. Once my hair was fully dry, he used a 2-inch curling iron to create loose waves and completed the look with a few spritzes of Biolage Complete Control Fast-Drying Hairspray. After the treatment, my hair felt softer and looked shinier than it has in years, and the frizz that I complain about pretty much every day was nonexistent.

After the treatment, my hair felt softer and looked shinier than it has in years, and the frizz that I complain about pretty much every day was nonexistent. While I love the convenience and quality of at-home hair masks (looking at you, Matrix Miracle Creator), there was something special about having a formula customized specifically for me. If you’re dealing with any hair woes (literally, any single one), it’s time to call your nearest Biolage salon—this in-salon service is worth a try.

Interested in trying an in-salon hair treatment? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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