Bellami Hair And Matrix Launch Total Results Length Goals

Bellami Hair And Matrix Just Launched A Major Collab For Extension Wearers

31 July 2019
matrix length goals products next to a photo of woman with hair extensions

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

31 July 2019

Hair extensions are basically every woman's dream: Extra inches to swish around like a model, volume so major you can't stop taking selfies, and little-to-no commitment! Expectations can differ from reality, though. If you've ever felt let down by the snarls and snags of added hair or felt your tape-ins sliding away from your scalp, you know what we mean.

To help you make the most of your hair extensions, Bellami Hair and Matrix have teamed up. They're launching Total Results Length Goals, a unique collection designed to help extensions last and make sure they look perfect.

For Bellami master educator and Matrix artist ambassador Eric Vaughn, the line is just one more way to help clients with dark brown hair or blonde achieve their dream hair.

"I'm thrilled to be able to give my extension-loving clients a way to protect their investment and keep their hair looking flawless," he says.

All the fun of princess hair, none of the drama or disappointment! Read on to learn about the hair care system that's about to make having Bellami hair extensions so much easier.

What is Bellami Hair?

To understand why Length Goals is such a big deal, you should know about Bellami hair extensions. Co-founders Julius Salerno and Nikki Eslami started the digital-first brand Bellami Hair after Eslami tried (and failed) to find affordably-priced, high-quality hair to feed her hair extension addiction. Since its launch, the brand has made its name as the ultimate authority for the extension customer.

"Our four methods are the braidless sew-in, the I-tip, the K-tip, and the tape-in. So we offer all four methods in every length imaginable, in about 52 shades of color," Eslami explains. "You can mix and match depending on your lifestyle, what length you're at, what season it is."

There's only one problem: You can buy all the hair extensions in the world, but that doesn't mean you'll know how to care for them so they last and actually look good. Bellami heard from customers who wanted hair products specifically for their extensions...and Matrix delivered!

For her part, Eslami says collaborating with the salon-backed brand was a no-brainer.

"You've got Matrix, who's the best in hair care, and then us, who's the best in extensions. We came up with products that we knew would address the biggest issues in extension care: hydrating, detangling, maintaining your bond, making sure that before the extensions your hair is clarified with a clarifying shampoo."

Interest piqued? Extensions seeming like they could benefit from a salon-quality care system? It's time to break down the Total Results Length Goals line.


What is Matrix Total Results Length Goals?

Once you've gone through the trials and tribulations of actually picking an extension type, color, and length, the installation and care process might seem like a no-brainer. Not so, at least according to the hundreds of people who try it every day. It takes work to keep your hair (the kind you purchased, at least) shiny, frizz-free, and detangled—that's what Matrix Total Results Length Goals is for!

Designed to help meet the biggest goals of extension-wearers everywhere, the line preps, maintains, and revives every kind of extension. You care routine starts in a salon and ends in the comfort of your own bathroom, gorgeous hair firmly in place and five times smoother.

The Matrix Total Results Length Goals Routine

matrix length goals primer bottle

Matrix Total Results Length Goals Super Clarifying Cleanser

If every great shampoo sesh starts with a clarifying moment, think that same way for your extensions. To install hair that stays put, you'll want to start with a squeaky clean scalp. The Total Results Length Goals Super Clarifying Cleanser is a pro-only treatment that helps remove buildup from your hair to prolong the wear of your Bellami extensions.

matrix length goals shampoo bottle

Matrix Total Results Length Goals Shampoo

Got one shampoo for you and another lined up just for your extensions? Make like a KonMari enthusiast and downsize, opting for a formula that makes both look beautiful. Matrix Total Results Length Goals Shampoo contains 70 percent caring agents for a creamy texture that gently whisks away dirt without ever disturbing your extensions. It won't compromise adhesive, either—a real win-win for those of us who've experienced tape-ins falling out long before their intended expiration date.

Matrix Total Results Length Goals Shampoo, $14.00 MSRP

matrix length goals conditioner bottle

Matrix Total Results Length Goals Extension Conditioner

Nobody wants rough extensions (or hair!) so treat them both to hydration with Total Results Length Goals Extension Conditioner, a restorative conditioner that offers the rich technology of a mask to leave hair smooth and touchable with incredible slip and detangling. That means no more crises after washing your hair—just detangle and go! We're busy girls with things to do.

Matrix Total Results Length Goals Extension Conditioner, $14.00 MSRP

matrix length goals extension perfector bottle

Matrix Total Results Length Goals Extensions Perfector

If there's one product from the Matrix collection Eslami absolutely can't live without, it's Total Results Length Goals Extensions Perfector.

"The my favorite. I live by it. I mean, I spray it on when my hair is dry and I don't even think you're supposed to but I do it anyway because I literally feel like it's got every single benefit you'd want out of extension care that a product will offer," she says.

Eslami isn't wrong! Formulated with two times the reviving agents, Total Results Length Goals Extensions Perfector reduces styling and detangling time by half...all while protecting your hair from heat up to 450 degrees. Yes, please!

Matrix Total Results Length Goals Extension Perfector, $18.00 MSRP

If you're dying to get your hands on Total Results Length Goals, you're not alone! The collection launches in Bellami stores and on,, and in September 2019. Looks for it in Ulta stores and your local salon in February 2020.

Looking to invest in hair extensions or learn how to better care for them? Book an appointment with a stylist near you using our handy salon locator.

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