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How To Care For Short Hair

Jelani Addams Rosa
16 November 2017
woman with platinum blonde hair getting hair cut
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

16 November 2017

Short hair never goes out of style, because it looks good on just about everyone. While most people create their hair care regimen based on their hair texture, your hair also has specific needs depending on its length. If you’ve recently gone short and aren’t sure how to take care of your new ‘do, look no further than our simple tips.

Create a hair trimming schedule.

The great thing about short haircuts is that they seem effortless. In reality, short haircuts are usually anything but effortless. While you’ll most likely shave some minutes off the amount of time you spend styling your hair in the morning, maintaining a flawless short ‘do requires that you spend a lot of time in the salon.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, your hair grows on average a half an inch per month. Your chosen style will determine your trimming schedule. If you’ve taken the plunge and decided on a buzz cut, you should expect to head back to the salon every two weeks to maintain your freshly shorn look. For cuts like pixies and bobs, heading in for a trim once a month should suffice.

Find the right products.

A good haircut can be life-changing, but it doesn’t actually change your hair. Since you’re working with the same mane, you might think continuing to use all the same products is a good idea. Well, not really. Your hair may not have changed, but your shorter ‘do has different needs than your long locks did. That means it’s time to pick up some new products—but who are we to complain about a new shopping opportunity?

First, you’ll need to pick up a new shampoo. You may find your cropped hair gets oilier faster than long locks because the natural oils from your scalp have a much shorter distance to travel. Since you’ll most likely want to wash your hair more frequently, consider swapping out your regular shampoo for a gentler formula. A gentle shampoo or even a cleansing conditioner will help your hair look and feel clean without feeling dry.

Next, you’ll need a dry shampoo—really, who has time to wash their hair every day? On days when you don’t have time (or just can’t be bothered) to wash and dry your hair, dry shampoo will be your savior. To refresh your locks between washes, apply the dry shampoo near your roots and then comb the product through your locks until the residue completely fades. In no time your hair will be restored to its day one glory.

Finally, meet your new best friend: Texturizing paste. Short haircuts can often give off a matronly vibe. Even though we love our moms, that’s not really the look we’re going for. To ensure your cut looks fun and fresh, you’ll want to make sure it has lots of texture and movement. Texturizing paste and spray allow you to style your locks and make sure it stays put all day without ever looking stiff.

Stock up on accessories.

As with any haircut, you may fall into a styling rut within a few weeks, months, or even years into slaying your look. This roadblock can feel be particularly daunting when you have short hair, since you don’t have much to work with. That’s where accessories come in.

From glittering headbands to pearl adorned pins, your accessories will take center stage as they fashionably embellish your short strands. Even if glitz and glamour isn’t really your thing, you can still work an accessory-heavy look. For a simple (but equally striking) style, use 10 to 15 2-inch bobby pins to slick down the sides of your hair. The look is quick and easy, but so chic you’ll look like you just stepped off the runway.

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