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No More Frizz: How To Get The Sleek Salon Look

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28 December 2017
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28 December 2017

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You leave the salon with luscious, bouncy locks, sporting a shine you never thought possible. After you wash it, however, it’s back to its usual dry and undisciplined ways—the repetitive story of frizzy hair.

We asked Céline Marquet-Gonzales, Mizani hair expert and brand ambassador, to decode the mystery of how your hairdresser manages to endow your tresses with that unrivalled sleekness every time. You can finally learn how to control frizz.

Why is frizz so hard to beat?

Big, frizzy ‘dos can be beautiful if they’re looked after in the right way, but it’s not always easy to do so. This is due to the unique needs of the hair, which are very different to that of straighter hair.

This unique hair type requires a very specific type of treatment which your stylist (but maybe not always you!) will have down to a T.

What’s the best way to manage frizzy hair?

If you have locks that are hard to manage, it is likely that you have personalized your haircare regimen to a certain extent—whether that’s by using a particular shampoo or a nourishing serum. However, this alone is not always enough to create salon-fresh tresses.

“Firstly, you should thoroughly cleanse your hair with an adapted product such as Mizani Puriphying Shampoo,” Marquet-Gonzales says. “This should then be followed by a normal shampoo and conditioner, and then by a mask or leave-in treatment, such as Mizani 25 Miracle Milk.”

What styling tricks make hair less frizzy?

As well as a tailored haircare regimen, the sleek look you get after a trip to the salon is also thanks to the top-notch tools hair stylists have at their disposal. They have an arsenal of brushes to pick from (since brushes should always be personalized to your hair type), as well as good quality irons and blow-dryers.

Additionally, your hair stylist has the freedom to easily navigate around your mane with their dryer, enabling them to dedicate the necessary heat to every bit of your hair—meaning that no strands are left damp, which can help tame the look of frizz. Naturally, this is very hard to execute solo, as you cannot have full visibility of your hair (nor can you easily reach every part). To obtain the ultimate sleek results, it’s always advisable to seek the expert styling of your hair professional!

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