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Dry Curls? Here's The Hair Moisture Fix Your Curly Hair Needs

photo of Nicole Vince
05 July 2018
photo of woman with natural dry curly hair
photo of Nicole Vince

Nicole Vince

Beauty Editor

05 July 2018

With a reputation for haircare wisdom and knowledge of the latest hair novelties, there isn’t a hair trend or tip unobserved by Nicole.

Are your curls feeling dry and brittle to the touch? Want to help get your frizz under control? You may need to tweak your hair care routine!

Read on to find out how to help hydrate your locks through a hair moisture treatment with some professional advice from Ashley Brown, American expert stylist and brand ambassador for Mizani. She can help you create softer, silkier curls.

Dry curls don’t always happen due to a simple lack of moisture—they can also be a symptom of damaged hair. Curly locks can seem more prone to breakage than other hair types because of the unique shape of ringlets.

When your hair is natural, every bend in the cuticle is an opening, which can put natural hair at a disadvantage when it comes to moisture and strength.

Ashley Brown Mizani Artist

These bends can make curly strands more vulnerable to elements that can weaken hair such as pollution, dry weather, chemical treatment, heat styling, and even hard water. A hair moisture treatment has to be hydrating, but also needs repairing and strengthening components.

In order to minimize the look of dry curls, it’s imperative to prioritize hair moisture products that are intensely nourishing. That’s where Mizani’s salon-exclusive Strength Fusion post-chemical treatment hair care range comes in. For added protection, we love the Ultra Sealer, a leave-in conditioner formulated with superfood spirulina extract and vitamin E.

Nighttime represents an unrivaled opportunity to coat your hair in goodness-filled product for an extended period of time— at least 8 hours, we hope! All that’s left to do is to wake up to luscious, beautiful hair. We highly recommend applying the Intense Night-Time Treatment mask, which is formulated with breakage protection technology to keep your curls looking their best. According to Brown, total coverage is key.

“Focus on the mid-shaft, ends and any other visible areas of breakage,” she advises. “Work your way from the ends of the hair to the mid-shaft, then through the roots. This will help guarantee even distribution of the conditioner and ensure every strand is reached.”

When it comes to hydrating curly hair, you can never have enough moisture. After all, curls do seem to dry out more easily! So, once you have your back on track, make sure you maintain an optimal moisture balance in your everyday hair care routine moving forward. We’re big fans of Mizani’s Moisturfusion range.

We love how the Milk Bath Gentle Lather Rinse softens and rebalances extremely dry, brittle hair thanks to its moisturizing milk of almond and silk proteins as well as other ingredients. Always follow it up with the Silk Cream Conditioner, a creamy and light treatment that quickly absorbs into the hair strand.

Experience results and realize there’s nothing better than healthy hair and sleek, supple curls!

Looking for more expert hair care tips? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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