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Sebastian Langman-Kirtley

L’Oréal Professionnel Artist
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About Sebastian Langman-Kirtley

Sebastian is a salon owner and National Academy Artist with a vast educational background in creative color and balayage. He believes that coloring hair is an art form. His precise attention to detail is recognized in the signature looks he is known for. Understanding what the hair needs, he is able to create nuance and movement within each design. Whether the result is avant-garde or subtle and delicate, the hair is luminous and completely custom to his client. When teaching creative color, Sebastian focuses on formulation, tonal compatibility, and consistent application techniques but also encourages colorists to be intuitive within their designs.

"A true understanding of formulation, and solid technical skills are the backbone colorists require to do our jobs well," he says. "Once the foundation in place, we then can take a step away and from the canvas and let the hair speak to us. This is how an artist creates.”

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