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Sarah Healy

General Manager at the Baxter Finley Barber & Sho in Los Angeles, CA
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About Sarah Healy

Sarah Healy is the manager of Baxter Finley Barber and Shop in West LA a native of St. Louis where she began her career as a licensed esthetician at Studio Branca Salon and Spa in 1998. After her introduction to the Summit Salon Business Centers systems in 2004, Sarah excelled at her career, including receiving awards for highest retail sales multiple years in a row, achieving over $40,000 in retail sales each year. Sarah then moved on to a leadership role at the salon coaching the team to reach their business goals and maximizing their potential as market leaders in the industry.

Relocating to Phoenix in 2009, Sarah worked as a full-time coach for Summit traveling to salons up and down the West Coast and bringing her expertise in goal setting success with her. Hearing the beach calling her name, Sarah moved to Los Angeles in 2013 where she was tasked with the job of helping to build the Southern California Market for Summit. In 2015 Sarah was approached by Nathan Puksta, the then GM of Baxter of California to set up the Summit Systems for the Baxter Finely Barber & Shop in West Hollywood, CA. When the management position opened at the shop in November of that year, Sarah was brought on as the full-time manager where she leads her team on a daily basis to attain both business and personal goals to live their best lives. The shop has consistently maintained high retail and service sales and far surpasses the industry average in Service Provider incomes under her leadership.

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