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Philip Wolff

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About Philip Wolff

Born in Landstuhl,Germany, Philip Wolff is a celebrity hairstylist, master hair cutter as well as a professional and consumer influencer. Philip is known for creating bold, beautiful, modern yet transitional classic styles.

After developing a reputation for his innovative cuts in Wash DC, he moved to Los Angeles in 2004 where he was chosen to join the elite beauty team at the world renowned Prive Salon. Immediately then after celebrities and the Hollywood elite became fixtures in Philip’s chair.

He then started an independent education movement, a revolutionary approach towards advance cosmetology correlated to developing modern ways of cutting and coloring hair. As one of the influential hairdressers on digital media, Philip began collecting a fan base of consumers who fell in love with his styles as well as hairstylists who began emulating his techniques.

As a global platform artist, educator, and now Ambassador for Matrix L’Oréal, Philip has both headlined and trained artist’s in North America, Russia, Europe, Asia and Australia. When Philip is not traveling you can find him in his studio in Hollywood where is constantly pushing the envelope and challenging himself and collaborating with other stylists with fun doses of content viewed by thousands all over the globe.

When resting his signature designed Wolff shears, Philip is actively perfecting his passion of video production or you can find him visualizing his next creations as he relaxes playing his favorite instrument, the guitar.

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