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Nick Stenson

Matrix Artistic Director and Celebrity Stylist
Nick Fugate

About Nick Stenson

As an international beauty expert and celebrity stylist, Nick Stenson advises a wide range of celebrity clients, film directors, theatre touring companies, network news programs and the elite of New York’s Fashion Week. He routinely flexes his fashion muscle to establish an ever-changing vogue in beauty trend innovation for both hair and skin.

As Artistic Director for Matrix, Nick serves as a platform artist and spokesperson to some of the world’s best stylists at national venues such as Matrix Imagination, Destination Premiere, America’s Beauty Show, and other industry trade shows. His video education series has taught techniques to thousands of stylists online. His multiple nominations for the influential North American Hair Styling Awards (NAHA) have been widely acclaimed and published.

As a beauty expert and color specialist, Nick has hand-developed some of the industry’s most popular trends using prestigious hair color portfolios for Matrix Professional Haircare and Color. Nick’s color trend advice can be found in his own column in each issue of The Colorist magazine.

Nick Stenson 's articles and advice

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