Nick Arrojo
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Nick Arrojo

Owner, Arrojo Studio
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About Nick Arrojo

Thirty-eight years a hairdresser, Nick Arrojo is a modern hairdressing icon. His signature razor-cutting skills are revered worldwide, and are imitated by thousands of stylists. Incorporating classic to cutting-edge techniques, as well as innovative new services like American Wave and Hair Painting, his modern and creative, precision-based approach to hairdressing underpins the success of ARROJO Studio, Nick’s award-winning, three-location hair design house in NYC. Nick’s methods are also employed at ARROJO Advanced Academy, Cosmetology School, and Barbering Academy. Influencing new and experienced stylists alike, Nick’s fidelity to craftsmanship and creativity improves the work of tens of thousands of fellow professionals each year; his education has won numerous awards, from Modern Salon to Behind the Chair.
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