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Michelle O’Connor

Matrix Artistic Director
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About Michelle O’Connor

As a hairstylist in a top Ft. Lauderdale salon; on the set of music videos, commercials, catalogs and editorial shoots; as a salon owner; as an educator and in her newest role as Matrix Artistic Director, Michelle has always trusted her creative instincts—and they have never let her down.

She launched her hair career in Ft. Lauderdale in 2000, working for the Paul Triana Salon—one of the most prestigious salons in the area. There she took advantage of the diverse clientele to hone her skills in all aspects of cutting, coloring and styling, equipping her to easily straddle the worlds of textured and non-textured hair. After a few years, she signed with an artists’ agency in Miami, and soon was one of the area’s most in-demand freelance hairstylists, working for clients like Victoria’s Secret and J.Crew and at New York Fashion Week.

Her work has appeared in a wide range of publications, including Modern Salon, behindthechair, American Salon, and Launchpad. She has appeared on talk shows including Good Morning Miami and she worked at the Oscars in L.A.

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